Analyzer Pro4ex trading Suite

Buy Pro4ex trading Suite trading application in the store of automated robot systems

The PRO4EX TRADING SUITE pro­vide essen­tial infor­ma­tion of mar­ket con­di­tion, mon­ey man­age­ment, price action and trade sig­nals.

It is stand­alone trad­ing suite, but also can be used to enhance your own trad­ing sys­tem

Suite con­sist of:

  1. Side Pan­el
  2. Bot­tom Indi­ca­tor Win­dow
  3. On-Chart trad­ing sig­nals, dynam­ic buy-sell tar­gets and mul­ti­ple time frame lines

Side Pan­el is com­posed of:

  • 4 Mul­ti­ple time frames trend indi­ca­tors
  • mar­ket bias (range, trend start­ed, trend­ing, exhaust­ing)
  • volatil­i­ty indi­ca­tor
  • tick speed (shows how fast price is mov­ing based on ticks)
  • mul­ti­ple time frame S/R Break­outs indi­cate if price is between cur­rent sup­port and resis­tance or is out­side range (break­outs) on sev­er­al time frames
  • mon­ey man­age­ment cal­cu­late exact posi­tion size based on equi­ty and desired risk
  • bro­ker spread on cur­rent pair
  • can­dle timer
  • warn­ing mes­sages (low volatil­i­ty, exit posi­tion etc)

Bot­tom indi­ca­tor is com­posed of:

  • Trend/Range fil­ter his­togram indi­ca­tor (default gray col­or indi­cates range)
  • Cur­rent trend his­togram indi­ca­tor (default white col­or indi­cates short trends and blue indi­cates long trends)

On chart:

  • Default gray hor­i­zon­tal line rep­re­sents sup­port (time frame+S) and resis­tance (time frame+R), cur­rent time frame S/R in red col­or
  • Right price labels rep­re­sent tar­gets for break­outs of cur­rent range
  • Left price labels (big­ger size) rep­re­sent tar­gets of high­est time frame break­outs

(default col­ors: white = Stop Loss, Yel­low = target1, Blue1 = target2, Blue2 =target3)

Dynamic targets and how to use it

Dynam­ic tar­gets are one of most pow­er­ful tools in the suite. In any moment you will be aware of pos­si­ble point where price will go before it will start to make new range, retraces or rever­sals

You can use this advan­tage to lock cur­rent posi­tion (set stop loss to break even) or exit cur­rent posi­tion and wait for next sig­nal, take a rever­sal entry posi­tion, add a new posi­tion in retrace.

Also the left ori­ent­ed price labels (big­ger size) rep­re­sent tar­get on high­er time frames. We can use this to stay in posi­tion until price will reach those tar­gets.

The sys­tem is high­ly cus­tomiz­able and can be adjust­ed to your pre­ferred trad­ing style (trend trad­ing, scalp­ing, swing trad­ing, rever­sals etc.)

Pro4ex trading Suite 

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