Expert Advisor Assistant Scalper Demo

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This ver­sion of Assis­tant Scalper Expert Advi­sor has been designed for test­ing func­tion­al­i­ty on EURUSD.

Assis­tant Scalper is a true assis­tant for scalp­ing trad­ing on mul­ti­ple instru­ments (cur­ren­cy pairs) at the same time. It pro­vides max­i­mum con­trol with min­i­mums set­tings. The Expert Advi­sor does not place orders, it only per­forms the rou­tine work by set­ting Stop Loss and Take Prof­it, as well as con­trol­ling the risk/reward ratio for all orders opened by the trad­er.

The Expert Advisor’s Functionality:

  • Assis­tant Scalper sets the Stop Loss and Take Prof­it orders for a select­ed sym­bol.
  • It clos­es all orders for one sym­bol when a cer­tain vir­tu­al prof­it or loss of the total posi­tion is reached (the Sym­bol mode).
  • It clos­es all orders for all sym­bol when a cer­tain vir­tu­al prof­it or loss of the total posi­tion is reached (the All Posi­tions mode).
  • It can track all orders simul­ta­ne­ous­ly, or orders placed by the trad­er or Expert Advi­sor.
  • All set­tings are dis­played in the infor­ma­tion pan­el.
  • The track­ing mode is select­ed by press­ing a but­ton on the chart.
  • Shows the val­ue of the profit/loss of the total posi­tion depend­ing on the track­ing mode.
  • Can work in com­bi­na­tion with any EA.
  • Works on any cur­ren­cy pair with any-dig­it quotes.

Expert Advisor Parameters:

Start­ing mode dur­ing EA ini­tial­iza­tion (false-All Posi­tions)

  • Sym­bols — sym­bol based con­trol mode.

Total posi­tion clo­sure para­me­ters

  • Vir­tu­al­Prof­it — the vir­tu­al prof­it of the total posi­tion in the deposit cur­ren­cy, reach­ing which the EA clos­es all orders.
  • Vir­tu­al­Loss — the vir­tu­al loss of the total posi­tion in per­cent­age of the deposit, reach­ing which the EA clos­es all orders.

Para­me­ters for the orders

  • Sto­pLoss — the size of the Stop Loss order in tricks (it is set only for the orders placed by the trad­er).
  • Take­Prof­it - the size of the Take Prof­it order in tricks (it is set only for the orders placed by the trad­er).

A unique iden­ti­fier 

  • Mag­ic­Num­ber  — if <0, the EA con­trols all orders, if 0 — trader’s orders, if >0 — EA’s orders.

Oth­er para­me­ters

  • Slippeg — slip­page in ticks.
  • text­Col­or — the col­or of the info pan­el.

The units of vir­tu­al para­me­ters are set up in accor­dance with the author\s pref­er­ences. If nec­es­sary, a spe­cif­ic Expert Advi­sor under the pref­er­ences of poten­tial buy­ers can be cre­at­ed. If you want one, please send a pri­vate mes­sage.

Assistant Scalper Demo 

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