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Assis­tant Trad­er is a true trader’s assis­tant. It pro­vides the max­i­mum of func­tion­al­i­ty with the min­i­mum of set­tings.

Atten­tion! It is a demo ver­sion of the Assis­tant Trad­er Expert Advi­sor to help you test its fea­tures. The demo ver­sion trades only EURUSD with lot = 1.0.
The EA does not place orders.

The Expert Advisor’s Functionality:

  • The EA sets the Stop Loss and Take Prof­it orders for a select­ed sym­bol.
  • It clos­es all orders for a sym­bol when a cer­tain vir­tu­al prof­it or loss of the total posi­tion is reached.
  • It draws vir­tu­al prof­it and loss lev­els of the total posi­tion on the chart. This is a selec­table func­tion­al­i­ty.
  • It can track all orders simul­ta­ne­ous­ly, or orders placed by the trad­er or Expert Advi­sor.
  • Moves orders to breakeven. This is a selec­table func­tion­al­i­ty.
  • Applies trail­ing stop for open orders. This is a selec­table func­tion­al­i­ty.
  • Shows the profit/loss val­ue of the total posi­tion.
  • Can work in com­bi­na­tion with any EA.
  • Works on any cur­ren­cy pair with any-dig­it quotes.
  • For your con­ve­nience, all set­tings are dis­played in the infor­ma­tion pan­el.
  • To quick­ly close all posi­tions for a sym­bol, use the “Close On/Off” but­ton.

Expert Advisor Parameters:

  • Notice - dis­able noti­fi­ca­tion.
  • Close ON/OFF — fast clos­ing of all posi­tions for a sym­bol.

Total Posi­tion Set­up Para­me­ters

  • Vir­tu­al­Lev­el — enable cal­cu­la­tion of vir­tu­al lev­els.
  • ShowVir­tu­al­Lev­el — enabling dis­play of vir­tu­al lev­els on teh chart.
  • Vir­tu­al­Prof­it — the vir­tu­al prof­it of the total posi­tion in the deposit cur­ren­cy, reach­ing which the EA clos­es all orders.
  • Vir­tu­al­Loss — the vir­tu­al loss of the total posi­tion in per­cent­age of the deposit, reach­ing which the EA clos­es all orders.

Order Para­me­ters

  • Sto­pLoss — the size of the Stop Loss order in tricks (it is set only for the orders placed by the trad­er).
  • Take­Prof­it - the size of the Take Prof­it order in tricks (it is set only for the orders placed by the trad­er).

Trail­ing Stop Para­me­ters

  • Tral­Lev­el — enabling trail­ing stop.
  • Step­Tral — trail­ing dis­tance in ticks.
  • DeltaStep­Tral — excess of price dis­tance in ticks to enable the trail­ing.
Breakeven Para­me­ters
  • Zero­Prof­it — enable the breakeven func­tion.
  • Dis­tan­ce­Prof­it — a dis­tance for mov­ing an order to breakeven in ticks.
  • Lev­el­Prof­it — The lev­el for set­ting breakeven based Stop Loss in ticks.

A unique iden­ti­fi­er

  • Mag­ic­Num­ber — if <0, the EA con­trols all orders, if 0 — trader’s orders, if >0 — EA’s orders.

Oth­er para­me­ters

  • Slippeg — slip­page in ticks.
  • kSto­pLev­el — ratio of spread dif­fer­ence from the mar­ket price. The val­ue is required for the cor­rect cal­cu­la­tion of the min­i­mum accept­able stop loss and take prof­it lev­els, if the bro­ker inten­tion­al­ly hides these val­ues. (For cal­cu­la­tions with ECN kStopLevel=0)
  • text­Col­or — the col­or of the info pan­el.

Assistant Trader 

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