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The Aver­age True Range Enve­lope sys­tem has an entry based on the price break­ing out of an upper or low­er enve­lope cre­at­ed by an ATR mul­ti­ple around a sim­ple mov­ing aver­age. As the price breaks out of the enve­lope, this EA opens a new posi­tion to catch a trend if the price con­tin­ues to move. The SMA in the mid­dle of the envelopes is used as a trail­ing exit when the price reach­es it. Use our free ATR Enve­lope indi­ca­tor on your chart to find the best ATR val­ues when cre­at­ing the ATR envelopes.

Note: The default input val­ues are not opti­mized. Demo the EA and adjust the inputs to find the opti­mized com­bi­na­tion for your risk tol­er­ance and to max­i­mize prof­itabil­i­ty. Trend Fol­low­ing sys­tems are designed around long term prob­a­bil­i­ties. Although Trend Fol­low­ing sys­tems have low­er win rates, prof­itabil­i­ty comes from large trends as Trend Fol­low­ing cuts loss­es short and lets win­ners run. Test on a port­fo­lio of sym­bols as prof­its from trend­ing sym­bols will off­set the small loss­es and pro­vide prof­its when oth­er sym­bols are not trend­ing.

Entries and Pyramiding

Entries occur when the price exceeds the upper or low­er envelopes. The EA adds the posi­tion as soon as the price goes above the upper enve­lope or below the low­er enve­lope and does not wait until the fol­low­ing bar. If you set the Max_Units input above 1, addi­tion­al entries will occur and pyra­mid in ATR incre­ments spec­i­fied by the ATR_between_Pyramids input.


Exits are trail­ing with the sim­ple mov­ing aver­age in the mid­dle of the ATR Envelopes. For long posi­tions, the EA exits when the price reach­es or goes below the mov­ing aver­age. For short posi­tions, the EA exits when the price reach­es or goes above the mov­ing aver­age.

Position Sizing and Stops

This EA cal­cu­lates the posi­tion siz­ing using the Per­cent Volatil­i­ty method which is direct­ly tied to the stop. The stop uses the ATR_Periods and Stop_Range_ATR inputs to cal­cu­late the ATR and then mul­ti­ply the two val­ues to set the stop dis­tance from the entry price. Stops are not cod­ed into the posi­tion but this EA clos­es out the posi­tion if the price reach­es the stop val­ue. As addi­tion­al units are added through pyra­mid­ing, the stop moves to cor­re­spond to the lat­est entry price. Using the stop val­ue, the Risk_Percent input, and your account infor­ma­tion (tick size, lot size, dig­its, etc.), the posi­tion siz­ing uses the mon­e­tary val­ue of the dis­tance from entry to stop and keeps the num­ber of lots lim­it­ed to the per­cent­age you spec­i­fy. This allows every sym­bol, price, volatil­i­ty to be treat­ed equal­ly. As your account size changes through prof­its or draw­downs, the posi­tion siz­ing will account for the change.


  • MA_Periods”The num­ber of bars used to cre­ate the sim­ple mov­ing aver­age in the mid­dle of the ATR envelopes.
  • ATR_Env_Periods”The num­ber of bars used to cre­ate the aver­age true range used for the ATR envelopes.
  • ATR_Multiples_Env”The num­ber of ATR mul­ti­ples (ATR mul­ti­plied by this num­ber) to cre­ate the upper and low­er ATR envelopes/bands.
  • Risk_Percent”The per­cent risked per posi­tion if the price reach­es the stop. Exam­ple: If you want 2% of your equi­ty to be risked per posi­tion, enter 2 to this input.
  • ATR_Periods”The num­ber of bars to use in the ATR cal­cu­la­tion.
  • Stop_Range_ATR”This val­ue will be mul­ti­plied by the ATR to deter­mine where the stop will be from the entry price. Exam­ple: If you want your stop to be set at 2* ATR from the price, enter 2 to this input.
  • Max_Units”The max­i­mum num­ber of entries (includ­ing the ini­tial entry) as the posi­tion gains prof­its and the EA adds pyra­mid posi­tions.
  • ATR_between_Pyramids”This val­ue will be mul­ti­plied by the ATR to use for cal­cu­lat­ing when to add the next posi­tion through pyra­mid­ing. Exam­ple: Set this to 1.5 and the next pyra­mid posi­tion would be added when the price reach­es your entry plus ( 1.5 * ATR ) for long posi­tions or entry minus ( 1.5 * ATR ) for short posi­tions.
  • Slip­page”Amount of allow­able slip­page when enter­ing posi­tion.
  • Reduction_Percent”Enter an amount by which to reduce your equi­ty for the posi­tion siz­ing cal­cu­la­tion. Exam­ple: If you are in a draw­down peri­od you can enter 20 to this input and the posi­tion size will be 20% less than with­out the reduc­tion. The posi­tion siz­ing cal­cu­la­tion would treat your equi­ty as 80% of what it real­ly is to low­er your risk until the draw­down is over.

ATR Envelope tfmt5 

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