Expert Advisor Average Bar System

Buy Average Bar System Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems

Expert Advi­sor Aver­age­BarSys­tem ana­lyzes last сandles (the num­ber is deter­mined by the input para­me­ter nBars) and based on it decides to go long, short or wait.

You may change input parameters:

  • profB — prof­it for long positions;
  • lossB — loss for long positions;
  • profS — prof­it for short positions;
  • lossS — loss for short positions;
  • Trad­ing­Hour­sOn — if “true”, then the EA will open posi­tions only between open and close ses­sion hours (spec­i­fied sep­a­rate­ly from long and short positions).
  • UseMM — if “true”, then the EA will use Mon­ey Man­age­ment sys­tem to cal­cu­late Lot Size — per­cent­age (MM_Percent) from the account free margin.

Average Bar System 

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