Expert Advisor Averager FULL

Buy Averager FULL Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems

Aver­ager is intend­ed for aver­ag­ing your deals that has had a draw­down or had gone against the trend.

  • An exam­ple of oper­a­tion of the aver­ager in an Expert Advi­sor for the Meta­Trad­er 5 ter­mi­nal: Exp — Tick­Sniper.
  • The sys­tem is iden­ti­cal to the aver­ag­ing sys­tem cre­at­ed for Meta­Trad­er 4.
  • A demo ver­sion of the aver­ager for Meta­Trad­er 5: Aver­ager DEMO.

Note: this is not an auto­mat­ed trad­ing sys­tem (the EA does­n’t work in the strat­e­gy tester). It mon­i­tors your deals and aver­ages them in case of a draw­down until you get a prof­it.

The Expert Advi­sor opens a posi­tion after the price has gone the spec­i­fied num­ber of points — Dis­tance. The posi­tion is opened in the same direc­tion with the vol­ume equal to “Vol­ume of the pre­vi­ous deal”*Lots­Martin. It also mod­i­fies the com­mon take prof­it of all posi­tions at the price “The point of zero line of all posi­tions of the same direc­tion” + Take­Prof­it points.

Also it can mod­i­fy the stop loss of all posi­tions (if Trail­ingSto­pUSE = true) if the price breaks through the lev­el “The point of zero line of all posi­tions of the same direc­tion” and goes behind it for Trail­ingStop points.

The inputs para­me­ters of the Expert Advi­sor include Max­Orders — the max­i­mum num­ber of deals for aver­ag­ing.

The Expert Advi­sor works on the cur­ren­cy pair to which chart it is attached. For exam­ple, to turn on the aver­ag­ing for EURUSD, open the EURUSD chart and run the Expert Advi­sor.

System Parameters:

  • Only­Mod­i­fy — this func­tion allows the EA to work in the mode of track­ing the cur­rent posi­tion with­out open­ing new ones.
  • Take­Prof­it — the num­ber of points for plac­ing a com­mon take prof­it for all posi­tions.
  • Dis­tance — the num­ber of points for plac­ing addi­tion­al orders rel­a­tive to the main posi­tion.
  • Trail­ingStopa — the num­ber of points for the trail­ing stop. Once the prof­it on a cur­ren­cy pair becomes greater than or equal to Trail­ingStopa (in points), the sys­tem will trail the stop loss after the price. At that, the take prof­it will be set to zero.
  • Lots­Martin — increas­es the vol­ume of the next deal accord­ing to the Mar­tin­gale prin­ci­ple. 1 — with­out increas­ing.
  • Max­Orders — the max­i­mum num­ber of deals for a cur­ren­cy pair (con­sid­er­ing deals opened out­side the pro­gram).
  • MaxLot — the max­i­mal vol­ume that can be opened by the aver­ager.
  • Sto­pLosss — the stop loss for the com­mon posi­tion by the cur­ren­cy pair.

Averager FULL 

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