Expert Advisor AVT Tick Saver Free

Buy AVT Tick Saver Free Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems

The Expert Advi­sor saves tick his­to­ry to CSV file.

The prod­uct starts sav­ing ticks right after it has been applied to the chart. The process is stopped after the prod­uct has been removed from the chart.

The data is saved to MQL4/Files/ fold­er of the data direc­to­ry (File — Open Data Fold­er).

Sam­ple entries:

2014.01.21 08:34:26;1.35511;1.35513

2014.01.21 08:34:30;1.35513;1.35513

2014.01.21 08:34:31;1.35513;1.35515

2014.01.21 08:34:31;1.35517;1.35517

Please send me a pri­vate mes­sage if you need soft­ware for pro­cess­ing the saved ticks.

AVT Tick Saver Free 

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