Buy BLOG REPORT FREE Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems

This prod­uct sends Account Sta­tus Report to a spec­i­fied blogsite.

In Input, you can also set the time inter­val (in min­utes) between which the report has to be sent.

Before using this prod­uct, cre­ate a sep­a­rate blogspot site. And in e‑mail set­tings, choose as dis­played in the screen­shot. This blog­ger id should be spec­i­fied in “To” field in the mail set­tings of Meta­Trad­er 4 ter­mi­nal.
This free ver­sion dis­plays only one opened order. To post all open orders, buy full ver­sion.

The Post title dis­plays like below:

Account Status @ 2014.03.27 18:13:48

Bal­ance: 4245.65 » Equity:4329.88 » Profit:84.23

Open Orders
EURUSD ~ 0.1 BUY @ 1.3776 SL:0 TP:0 Bid:1.3744 Prof­it: ‑40
GBPUSD ~ 0.1 BUY @ 1.6483 SL:0 TP:0 Bid:1.6618 Prof­it: 135
USDJPY ~ 0.1 BUY @ 102.23 SL:0 TP:0 Bid:102.1200 Prof­it: ‑10.77


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