Expert Advisor CAP Grid Manager DEMO

Buy CAP Grid Manager DEMO Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems

CAP Grid Man­ag­er is a use­ful pan­el with an expert advi­sor for traders using grid strate­gies. It has mul­ti-func­tion pan­el! You only need to click Buy or Sell but­ton on the pan­el, and CAP Grid Man­ag­er will set take prof­it, stop loss, pend­ing orders, trail­ing stop and break even for you.

How it works

The EA Pan­el on chart has two fol­low­ing sec­tions:

Sec­tion 1: First Sec­tion for clos­ing any exist­ing orders. Select the right request­ed action from the com­bo box then click Exe­cute but­ton.

Sec­tion 2: Last Sec­tion for open­ing new orders. Select the right action from the com­bo box then click BUY or SELL but­ton.

  • Trade & X‑NumberGrid: When you click Buy but­ton, the EA will open one Buy trade and also open X‑Number of pend­ing orders. For exam­ple: You set X‑NumberGrid=5 and PendingOrderType=Limit in EAâ„¢s prop­er­ty. With this set­ting when you click Buy but­ton, EA will open one ini­tial Buy trade and also open 5 BUYLIMIT orders accord­ing to your gaps and lot size which you have set in EA prop­er­ties. Buy but­ton work only when there are no Buy trades or any pend­ing orders of Buy type are opened.
  • X‑Number Grid Only: After ini­tial Buy and pend­ing orders are opened, if you need an extra X‑Number of pend­ing orders, just select this option and click BUY or SELL but­ton. EA will open again an extra X‑Number of pend­ing orders as per your request.
  • Only Trade: When you select this option, the EA will open only instant BUY or SELL order. You can open any num­ber of BUY or SELL orders at any time, just click this but­ton once.

Take­Prof­it and Sto­pLoss or Trail­ing and Breakevent Type: In the EAâ„¢s prop­er­ty you will find two input para­me­ters: TP_SL Type and TR_BP Type. Both prop­er­ties have two options Aver­age and Nor­mal.

  • Aver­age: Aver­age means TP and SL or Trail­ing and Breakeven will be set bas­ing on aver­age trade open price. Exam­ple: You have opened 4 buy orders with dif­fer­ent prices and your set­ting is TP_SL Type=Average and TakeProfit=30 and StopLoss=30. That means EA cal­cu­late all buy togeth­er and get aver­age open price and set TP/SL 30 point based on aver­age open price. All buy trade take­prof­it and sto­ploss lev­el will be same. TR_BP Type same work for trail­ing and breakeven.
  • Nor­mal: Nor­mal means Take­Prof­it and Sto­pLoss will be set bas­ing on indi­vid­ual trade price. Exam­ple: You have opened 4 buy orders with dif­fer­ent prices and your set­ting is TP_SL Type=Normal and TakeProfit=30 and StopLoss=30. Then EA set Take­prof­it and Sto­ploss 30 point for every 4 trade indi­vid­u­al­ly. All buy trade take­prof­it and sto­ploss lev­el will be dif­fer­ent.

Input Parameters

1. Default Con­fig­u­ra­tion

  • Lot­Size: The lot size of the first posi­tion.
  • Lot­Mul­ti­pli­er: Mul­ti­pli­er for the lot size for each sub­se­quent order.
  • Pendin­gOrder­Type: Select pend­ing orders type.
  • Gaps: Dis­tance in points from cur­rent price to start grid pend­ing orders.
  • X‑NumberGrid: Num­ber of pend­ing orders to open when you click BUY or SELL but­ton.
  • AutoDelete­Pendin­gOrders: When enabled, pend­ing orders will be delet­ed if there is no any mar­ket order. Exam­ple: if all buy orders are closed by you or trail­ing, or Sto­ploss, or take­prof­it, then the EA also clos­es all BUY type pend­ing orders (LIMIT/STOP).

2. Auto­Grid­Mode

  • EnableAu­to­Grid­Mode: When enabled the EA will auto­mat­i­cal­ly man­age grid when it found any mar­ket order (BUY/SELL). Gaps, lots size, and pend­ing orders will fol­low by default EA input set­tings. You don’t need open pend­ing order, just acti­vate this option and the EA will be open­ing an order every GAP.
  • Max­Trades­For­Buy: Max­i­mum num­ber of Buy orders.
  • Max­Trades­ForSell: Max­i­mum num­ber of Sell orders.
  • Lower/HigherPriceLevel: EA will not open trades if cur­rent price cross­es this lev­el.

3. Profit/Loss Man­age­ment

  • TP_SL Type:Select TP and SL type.
  • Take­Prof­it: Dis­tance for Take Prof­it in points.
  • Sto­pLoss: Dis­tance for Stop Loss in points.
  • Prof­it­Per­cent:Prof­it in per­cent­age of the deposit; set 0 to dis­able it.
  • LossPer­cent:Loss in per­cent­age of the deposit; set 0 to dis­able it.

4. Trail­ing Man­age­ment

  • TR_BP Type: Select Trail­ing and Break even type.
  • Active­Trail­ing: true — acti­vate trail­ing (default — false).
  • Trail­ingStop: Dis­tance from order open price in points for the trail­ing stop.
  • Trail­ing­Step: Step in points for the Trail­ingStop to trig­ger.
  • Active­BreakEvent: true — acti­vate breakeven (default — false).
  • Break­Start: Min­i­mum dis­tance in points from open­ing price to move it to breakeven;
  • Break­Step: Min­i­mum prof­it in points required to move a posi­tion after breakeven is trig­gered.

1. All para­me­ters are count­ed in points, not pips.

2. The prod­uct does not work on strat­e­gy tester

3. This is a DEMO ver­sion of CAP Grid Man­ag­er. This demo ver­sion ful­ly works only on Mon­day. If you want the full ver­sion of Easy Order, you can find it in CAP Grid Man­ag­er.


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