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Expert Advisor CAP Saifan Trading EA MT5

Buy CAP Saifan Trading EA MT5 Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems
CAP Saifan Trading EA is a fully automated Expert Advisor for Forex trading that uses range breakouts strategy. This EA is designed to trade EURUSD which implements a complete and fully-functional trading strategy. This EA will need a good broker with small spread to work successfully.

The EA works on H1. The best results are achieved on EURUSD. It is recommended to use a low spread broker and a VPS. You can start using it with $100 only.

Key Advantages

  • Fully automated trading 24/5.
  • No previous trading skills required.
  • No need in a large initial deposit.
  • No martiginale.
  • No grid.
  • Always uses a stop loss to protect capital.
  • User-friendly.
  • Position trailing stop is used.
  • Both a fixed lot and a free margin percentage are used.
  • Ability to set time limitations for the EA operation.

Trading Requirements

  • A good broker.
  • A good Internet connection.
  • Spread below 10 points for EURUSD.


The Expert Advisor uses tick data. Please backtest EURUSD H1 in "every tick" mode and play to find the best parameters.
CAP Saifan Trading EA is developed for H1 charts, but it can be optimized for any currency pair or timeframe. Try the demo first!

Input Parameters

  • ActiveStrategy: Select a trading strategy. Two strategies are available.

1. Normal Mode Setting 

  • TakeProfit: Distance for take profit in points.
  • StopLoss: Distance for Stop Loss in points.
  • BreakOn: true - activate break event (default - true).
  • BreakStart: Distance from order open price in points for the trailing start.
  • BreakStep: Step in points for the TrailingStop to trigger.
  • TrailingSL: true - activate trailing (default - true).
  • TrailingStop: Distance from order open price in points for the trailing stop.
  • TrailingStep: Step in points when the TrailingStop to trigger.


2. Aggressive Mode Setting 

  • TakeProfit1: Distance for take profit in points.
  • StopLoss1: Distance for Stop Loss in points.

3. Time Configurations

  • OpenDay: EA will start trading from this day.
  • OpenHour: EA operation start hour.
  • OpenMinute: EA operation start minute.
  • EndDay: The day to close and delete all orders.
  • EndHour: The hour to close and delete all orders.
  • EndMinute: The minute to close and delete all orders.

4. Money Management

  • UseMM: If it is True, the lot will be calculated automatically. If false, LotSize is traded.
  • FixedLots: FixedLots to trade if UseMM=false.
  • MinLots: Set Minimum lots size of your account.
  • MaxLots: Set Maximum lots size of your account.
  • RiskPercent: Risk allocation per trade. Lot is chosen automatically based on percentage of the balance.

5. News Event

  • NewsFilterEnable: When enable it, EA will not open any trade.
  • NewsEventDate: Day of month, EA not open trade.
  • TimeFromTill: Time range EA not open any trade.

6. Basic Configurations

  • MaximumSpread: Maximum spreads for an open trade. If the current spread is higher than what you receive in a setting, then the robot will not trade. Please note that the spread is in points.
  • CloseOrderOnSpread: Delete open orders when a spread is increased.
  • HaltTradeMins: If spread is increased, EA also halt for mins.

Details Manual

More input parameters and details can be found here.


If you have any questions, please contact us.


Capilta Forex Solutions

CAP Saifan Trading EA MT5

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