Expert Advisor Carpenter

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Car­pen­ter works on the EURUSD D1 Chart. It looks for quick intra­day trends and opens trades depend­ing on the trend direc­tion. Then it quick­ly mod­i­fies the stop loss at break even as soon as pos­si­ble to pre­vent loss­es. If the mar­ket direc­tion goes in its favor, it will keep the trade open until take prof­it is reached.


Accord­ing to Back­test­ing results in a MetaQuotes-Demo account, from Jan­u­ary, 2012 to Sep­tem­ber, 2014 this strat­e­gy turned $1.000 into $1.983.779,30 with a rel­a­tive draw­down of 57.70% and a Prof­it Fac­tor of 2.05. Sim­i­lar infor­ma­tion can be obtained by down­load­ing a demo ver­sion and test­ing it on your own ter­mi­nal.


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  1. hello.why this expert advi­sor will not work on my demo account?

    1. Greet­ings! There are many rea­sons may be. Do you con­tact the author of this prod­uct?

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