Expert Advisor CloneIt4 Demo Trade Copier

Buy CloneIt4 Demo Trade Copier Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems

Imagine the power of MetaTrader 5 in your MetaTrader 4 account

Now you can do that with CloneIt4 and CloneIt5.

CloneIt4 will copy the great trades you per­form in your Meta­Trad­er 5 account to your Meta­Trad­er 4 account. CloneIt4 is a sim­ple Expert Advis­er (EA) that is attached to a chart in Meta­Trad­er 4. When a trade is opened, mod­i­fied or closed in Meta­Trad­er 5, CloneIt5 sends the infor­ma­tion instant­ly to CloneIt4 (EA) in your Meta­Trad­er 4 account to repli­cate the same trade for that sym­bol.

You must have the cur­rent ver­sion of CloneIt5 run­ning in Meta­Trad­er 5 on the same com­put­er. It is avail­able here in the Mar­ket.

In your Meta­Trad­er 4 account, attach CloneIt4 to the chart (sym­bol) that you want to trade. Enter the Meta­Trad­er 5 account num­ber in the Clone Link Input field. Each trade’s vol­ume can be scaled with the Source Vol­ume Mul­ti­pli­er.

CloneIt4 will take care of all the details and receive the lot sizes, take prof­it lev­els and stop loss lev­els from CloneIt5. What­ev­er trades you per­form in Meta­Trad­er 5, they will be reflect­ed in your Meta­Trad­er 4 account.

Input Descriptions

  • Clone Link (Meta­Trad­er 5 Account Num­ber) — this is the Meta­Trad­er 5 account num­ber where CloneIt5 EA is installed.
  • Source Vol­ume Mul­ti­pli­er — you can enter a val­ue to mul­ti­ply the posi­tion vol­ume sent by CloneIt5. For exam­ple, if you want the vol­ume in Meta­Trad­er 4 to be half of the vol­ume in Meta­Trad­er 5, enter 0.5.
  • delay time between close and open (in sec­onds) — there may be a lag time between dif­fer­ent bro­kers for Meta­Trad­er 4 and Meta­Trad­er 5. This input in sec­onds will delay between the time of the last close and the next open.
  • Update Rate (in Sec­onds) 0= Every Tick — spec­i­fy how often to check. Enter 0 to only check on incom­ing ticks.


  • CloneIt4 is not a trad­ing robot. It only receives infor­ma­tion about the trades you or anoth­er EA has per­formed in your Meta­Trad­er 5 account.
  • CloneIt4 does not set pend­ing order details, only open, close and mod­i­fy posi­tion infor­ma­tion.
  • CloneIt4 only trades the chart sym­bol it is attached to.
  • CloneIt5 and CloneIt4 must be installed on the same com­put­er.
This Demo ver­sion only works with CADCHF.
CloneIt4 Demo Trade Copier
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