Expert Advisor Compression Duo

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The DUO Model

The algo­rithm of this mod­el pro­duces two ele­ments for mak­ing trade deci­sions as a result of com­press­ing:

  • Pre­vail­ing direc­tion of the price move­ment;
  • Max­i­mum devi­a­tion from the pre­vail­ing direc­tion in future.

These two ele­ments are used by the Expert Advi­sor for mak­ing trade deci­sions on the best direc­tion for enter­ing and for set­ting the best take prof­it. The stop loss is con­stant and is spec­i­fied as a fixed val­ue.

General Description

Using three unique algo­rithms (UNO, DUO, TRE) Com­pres­sion Expert Advi­sor com­press­es a lot of fac­tors of the price move­ment. Each fac­tor con­tains some use­ful infor­ma­tion. Due to com­pres­sion we get the ele­ments that con­tain use­ful infor­ma­tion (clear­ly describ­ing a spe­cif­ic prop­er­ty). Fur­ther trade deci­sions can be eas­i­ly made using these ele­ments. Fac­tors are gath­ered on ranges with dif­fer­ent peri­ods in order to increase the infor­ma­tion­al capa­bil­i­ty of the final ele­ments.

Note that few­er ele­ments there are, the high­er is their infor­ma­tion­al capa­bil­i­ty. This is the dis­tinc­tive fea­ture of each algo­rithm.

The Expert Advi­sor has been devel­oped for EURUSD H1, and this chart is rec­om­mend­ed for oper­a­tion.

The Expert Advi­sor includes 4 meth­ods of mon­ey man­age­ment:

  • fixed lot size;
  • vol­ume cal­cu­lat­ed using a val­ue spec­i­fied in a glob­al vari­able as an amount of assets (in the deposit cur­ren­cy);
  • per­cent­age of free assets;
  • fixed pro­por­tion.

Description of Parameters of the Trading System

Para­me­ter Name Descrip­tion
Trad­ing Sys­tem Set­tings
LOC_Enabled_ Switch to the order based mode of trad­ing.
CLOSING_Wait_ Don’t open new posi­tions while there is one.
SL_Value_ Fixed stop loss val­ue in points.
LEVEL_Hi_Signal_ Upper lev­el val­ue.
LEVEL_Lo_Signal_ Low­er lev­el val­ue.
SIGNAL_Checks_Total_ Num­ber of bars for form­ing a sig­nal.
SIZE_Piece_1_ Num­ber of bars for the 1‑st range.
SIZE_Piece_2_ Num­ber of bars for the 2‑nd range.
SIZE_Piece_3_ Num­ber of bars for the 3‑rd range.
SIZE_Piece_4_ Num­ber of bars for the 4‑th range.
GRAD_Increas_ A val­ue required for the algo­rithm cal­cu­la­tions.
MAX_Piece_Dev_ Max­i­mal devi­a­tion of val­ues cal­cu­lat­ed on the small sec­tions.
Trad­ing Set­tings
SPREAD_Max_ Spread lim­it for open­ing a posi­tion (5 points is a rec­om­mend­ed val­ue).
TRADE_ATTEMPTS_ Num­ber of attempts to send an order in case it is reject­ed by the bro­ker.
TRADE_DELAY_ Time­out before anoth­er attempt in mil­lisec­onds.
Note: points are spec­i­fied as for 4 dig­it quotes. The Expert Advi­sor will con­vert the val­ues if nec­es­sary.

Ver­sion 2.0:

  • Added the mode of “hedge” trad­ing. It means that all my Expert Advi­sors can trade simul­ta­ne­ous­ly on a sin­gle cur­ren­cy pair with­out caus­ing any con­flicts and vio­lat­ing the trade log­ic. This is sim­i­lar to the “hedge” trad­ing in Meta­Trad­er 4. To acti­vate this mode, set the para­me­ter LOC_Enabled_ to true and set unique val­ues for the para­me­ter MAGIC_ (the iden­ti­fi­er of the Expert Advi­sor for trade oper­a­tions) for each Expert Advi­sor.
  • Added the graph­i­cal user inter­face.
  • Added the trad­ing pan­el which dis­plays posi­tions of each Expert Advi­sor.

Compression Duo 

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