Expert Advisor Crushing Forex Market Demo

Buy Crushing Forex Market Demo Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems


The Expert Advi­sor uses a Trend Fol­low­ing strat­e­gy based on Bollinger Bands.

Mon­ey Flow Index and Par­a­bol­ic SAR are used as sup­port.

In this demo ver­sion you can use only 0.01 micro lots.


=== Glob­al set­tings ===

  • Max_Risk: The Auto Mon­ey man­age­ment sys­tem, expressed in per­cent­age val­ue. The range is from 1 to 100 (1 = 1% risk).
  • Fixed_Lot: For val­ues greater than 0 is used a fixed Lot, oth­er­wise for val­ue equal to 0 is used Auto Mon­ey Man­age­ment sys­tem.
  • Max_Spread: The max­i­mum per­mis­si­ble val­ue of Spread in points.
  • Max_Slippage: The max­i­mum per­mis­si­ble val­ue of Slip­page in points.
  • Direc­tion: The engine can oper­ate in one direc­tion at a time, Buy direc­tion or Sell direc­tion.
  • S2_Enabled: true = sig­nal #2 is enabled (and is also the only sig­nal at the moment), false = sig­nal #2 is dis­abled.
  • S2_CloseMethod: OBT = Tag on the oppo­site band, SAR = Par­a­bol­ic SAR switch.

««« Buy (Long) direc­tion »»»

=== Bollinger Bands ===

  • BB_AveragingPeriodB: Num­ber of peri­ods for the Bollinger Bands.
  • BB_StandardDeviationsB: Stan­dard Devi­a­tion of the Bollinger Bands.

=== Mon­ey Flow Index ===

  • MFI_AveragingPeriodB: Num­ber of peri­ods for the MFI.
  • MFI_ThresholdB: Thresh­old of MFI (inte­ger val­ue from 0 to 100).

=== Par­a­bol­ic SAR ===

  • SAR_StebB: SAR Step.
  • SAR_MaxValueB: SAR max­i­mum Val­ue.

=== %b ===

  • pb_ThresholdB: Thresh­old %b (dou­ble val­ue from 0.0 to 1.0).

««« Sell (Short) direc­tion »»»

=== Bollinger Bands ===

  • BB_AveragingPeriodS: Num­ber of peri­ods for the Bollinger Bands.
  • BB_StandardDeviationsS: Stan­dard Devi­a­tion of the Bollinger Bands.

=== Mon­ey Flow Index ===

  • MFI_AveragingPeriodS: Num­ber of peri­ods for the MFI.
  • MFI_ThresholdS: Thresh­old of MFI (inte­ger val­ue from 0 to 100).

=== Par­a­bol­ic SAR ===

  • SAR_StebS: SAR Step.
  • SAR_MaxValueS: SAR max­i­mum Val­ue.

=== %b ===

  • pb_ThresholdS: Thresh­old %b (dou­ble val­ue from 0.0 to 1.0).


In the pic­tures, you can see some Back­test (using data from his­to­ry cen­ter) for dif­fer­ent Pairs and dif­fer­ent Time­frames on over 15 years of data and a start­ing cap­i­tal of only 100 USD.

All para­me­ters can be opti­mized, the engine works on the open­ing prices of the bars and then the back­tests are very fast.

Crushing Forex Market Demo

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