Expert Advisor Double Bit Binary Robot GK

Buy Double Bit Binary Robot GK Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems

The EA is devel­oped for bina­ry options trad­ing using sig­nals of the Dou­ble Bit Sig­nals indi­ca­tor. The main trad­ing prin­ci­ple of the EA involves bounc­ing from chan­nel lev­els and sev­er­al types of fil­ter­ing

Expert Advisor Settings

Trad­ing — trad­ing set­ting.

  • Mag­ic­Num­ber — orders’ ID. Allows sev­er­al robots to trade on one account simul­ta­ne­ous­ly.
  • Slip­page (points) — max­i­mum allowed price slip­page. Mea­sured in points. 100 by default (cor­rec­tion is not required).
  • Num­ber of attempts to open an order — num­ber of attempts to open a posi­tion in the con­text of price slip­page (cor­rec­tion is not required).
  • Pause between attempts (sec­onds) — pause between attempts to open an order. From 1 to 5 sec­onds (cor­rect­ed when open­ing is delayed, depends on a bro­ker, 1 by default).
  • The Expiry time (min­utes) — expiry time from 1 to 2880 min­utes. Val­ue change step is 1 minute.
  • The min­i­mum dif­fer­ence between Adja­cent Sig­nals (points) — min­i­mum dis­tance between neigh­bor­ing sig­nals in points. Used for fil­ter­ing sig­nals dur­ing trend­less mar­ket peri­ods.
  • The num­ber of bars between the Sig­nals to reset the Lot â„– 1 — num­ber of bars to reset to Step 1. Used for Mar­tin­gale trad­ing.
  • Stop Trad­ing at Greater than or Equal Deposit : (0 = off) — lim­i­ta­tion of prof­it in deposit cur­ren­cy, that is to say Take Prof­it.
  • Stop Trad­ing at Less than or Equal Deposit: — lim­i­ta­tion of loss, that is to say Stop Loss.

Alerts and Visu­al­iza­tion — visu­al para­me­ters set­ting.

  • Draw Sig­nal Arrows — enable/disable sig­nal arrows dis­play on the chart.
  • Clean Exit Chart — enable/disable dia­gram on the chart.
  • Arrows Size — size of arrows.
  • Arrow “UP” Col­or — col­or of CALL option arrow.
  • Arrow “DN” Col­or — col­or of PUT option arrow.
  • Cre­ate a Screen­shot of a New Sig­nal — enable/disable screen­shot cre­ator when a new sig­nal appears. Designed for con­ve­nience.
  • Beep when New Sig­nal — enable/disable sig­nal noti­fi­ca­tion when a new sig­nal appears.
  • Sound File — sound file used when a new sig­nal appears.
  • Beep when Open­ing a Posi­tion — enable/disable sig­nal noti­fi­ca­tion when new posi­tion is opened.
  • Sound File — sound file used when a new posi­tion is opened.

Sig­nal Sys­tem Para­me­ters — fil­tra­tion para­me­ters.

  • Chan­nel — Count the Num­ber of Bars — num­ber of bars for chan­nel cal­cu­la­tion. Chan­nel is expand­ed when you increase this val­ue and vice ver­sa. Used to choose a time frame. The low­er time frame you use, the wider chan­nel becomes. 125 by default. Applied for M5.
  • RSI — Fil­ter — enable/disable fil­tra­tion by a mod­i­fied indi­ca­tor based on RSI.
  • RSI — Peri­od — peri­od of the RSI indi­ca­tor cal­cu­la­tion.
  • RSI — Lev­el Over­boughtRSI indi­ca­tor over­bought lev­el.
  • RSI — Lev­el Over­soldRSI indi­ca­tor over­sold lev­el.

Lot (in the Deposit Cur­ren­cy)

  • Step 1.…5 — sum to enter a trade (option buy­ing price). Step 1 is the first lot. If Step 2 is set to 0, the EA trades the first lot only.

Trad­ing Peri­ods

  • Monday.….…Friday, Trad­ing Peri­od N — Begin, Trad­ing Peri­od N — End — trad­ing peri­ods are meant for trad­ing at a cer­tain time, Trad­ing Peri­od 1 — BeginEA trad­ing start time, Trad­ing Peri­od 1 — End — trad­ing end time. Your time zone and time zone of your bro­ker should coin­cide.

Tester Trades — strat­e­gy tester set­tings.

  • Ini­tial Deposit — ini­tial deposit for strat­e­gy tester.
  • Option Prof­itabil­i­ty in %% — refund from a prof­itable option in per­cent­age. Depends on select­ed asset and bro­ker.

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