Expert Advisor EAmicroMoney Multi

Buy EAmicroMoney Multi Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems

EAmi­croMoney Mul­ti Expert Advi­sor works on 5 cur­ren­cy pairs (EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY, USDCAD) that can be select­ed in the para­me­ters. Lots are set up man­u­al­ly using the InpLots para­me­ter. Opti­miza­tion of the Input­Lots para­me­ter makes this Expert Advi­sor pow­er­ful. It is based on fil­tered MACD to trig­ger the BUY or SELL sig­nals. Open posi­tions are closed by Take Prof­it, Stop Loss or accord­ing to oppo­site sig­nals. You can enable/disable cur­ren­cy pairs using ” XXXYYY_active ” para­me­ters.

Input Para­me­ters:

  • InpLots — Lots;
  • InpTake­Prof­it — Take Prof­it (in pips);
  • InpTrail­ingStop — Trail­ing Stop Lev­el (in pips);
  • InpMAC­DOpen­Lev­elMACD open lev­el (in pips);
  • InpMACD­Close­Lev­elMACD close lev­el (in pips);
  • InpMACDTrend­Pe­ri­odMA trend peri­od;
  • EURUSD_active — enable/disable trad­ing by EURUSD;
  • GBPUSD_active — enable/disable trad­ing by GBPUSD;
  • USDCHF_active — enable/disable trad­ing by USDCHF;
  • USDJPY_active — enable/disable trad­ing by USDJPY;
  • USDCAD_active — enable/disable trad­ing by USDCAD.

Expert must be attached to M1 time­frame.

Test­ing peri­od: from 2013.01.01 to 2013.04.30.

EAmicroMoney Multi 

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