Expert Advisor Exp Average Trailingstop

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Exp — Common Average TrailingStop

This is a uni­ver­sal assis­tant for the ÐœetaТrader 4 ter­mi­nal. This Trail­ing Stop starts its mod­i­fi­ca­tion at the aver­age price. If you have mul­ti­ple posi­tions, this assis­tant will mod­i­fy and trail stop loss at an aver­age price. It trails the stop so that in case the Stop Loss trig­gers, the posi­tion would close with a total prof­it. The EA is inter­est­ing for use when open­ing addi­tion­al orders and aver­ag­ing trades. The algo­rithm is based on EAs Increase and Aver­ag­ing.

The Expert Advisor settings:

  • Trail­ingSto­pUSEDo­liv­ka — use trail­ing stop.
  • Trail­ingStop­Do­livka — trail­ing dis­tance, 0 — min­i­mum allowed.
  • Trail­ing­Step­Do­livka — dis­tance step.
  • Type­Order: descrip­tion of order types: ‑1 — all orders, 1 — Sell, 0 — Buy.
  • Order­ToAv­er­age — type of orders.
  • Mag­ic­cOrder — descrip­tion of mag­ic num­bers: ‑1 — all orders.
  • Magik­ToAv­er­age — mag­ic num­ber.

Operating Principles:

The EA mon­i­tors your posi­tions, and as soon as the cur­rent price gets above\below the aver­age price of your direc­tions (BUY or SELL) Exp Aver­age Trail­ingStop gets con­trol over your posi­tions by adjust­ing the aver­age trail­ing stop.

Exp Average Trailingstop 

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