Expert Advisor Exp COPYLOT MASTER for MT4

Buy Exp COPYLOT MASTER for MT4 Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems

Exp — COPYLOT MASTER is a trade copi­er for ÐœetaТrader 4. It copies forex trades from any accounts.


  • This Expert Advi­sor is a mas­ter copi­er. Install the Expert Advi­sor in the ter­mi­nal from which you want to copy trades.
  • Spec­i­fy any text label name as path­Write, for exam­ple, “COPY”.
  • To copy trades, you need to install the client copi­er in the ter­mi­nal, to which you want to copy the trades: COPYLOT Client.
Note: The list of set­tings can be found on the Com­ments tab.

It is one of the best MT4-to-MT4 trade copiers today. The unique copy­ing algo­rithm exact­ly copies all trades from the mas­ter account to your client account. High oper­a­tion speed. Tough error han­dling. A pow­er­ful set of fea­tures. All these qual­i­ties are com­bined in a sin­gle pro­gram — EXPCOPYLOT. The pro­gram can be run on mul­ti­ple ter­mi­nal bind­ings. Use it as a syn­chro­niz­er of your trades on var­i­ous investor accounts trad­ing on one account, — COPYLOT will copy your trades to oth­er ter­mi­nals.


  • Copy­ing trades from a prof­itable invest­ment account.
  • An option for revert­ing trades of an unprof­itable Expert Advi­sor.
  • You can orga­nize sev­er­al pairs for copy­ing: from mul­ti­ple mas­ter accounts to 1 client account.
  • You can orga­nize sev­er­al pairs for copy­ing: from one mas­ter account to mul­ti­ple client accounts.
  • You can orga­nize sev­er­al pairs for copy­ing: from mul­ti­ple mas­ter accounts to mul­ti­ple client accounts.
  • Free time.
  • No need to spend hours look­ing at the mon­i­tor.
  • Selec­tion of trades based on the mag­ic num­ber, sym­bol, type of trades.
  • Selec­tion of only prof­itable trades, or only los­ing trades.
  • Invert­ed copy­ing of trades.
  • You can copy trades with a cus­tom lot, lot coef­fi­cient or in accor­dance with the risk of the mas­ter account.
  • You can work with­out stop lev­els, with the clos­ing of trades in the mas­ter account (vir­tu­al stops).
  • You can con­nect mul­ti­ple master/client ter­mi­nals for orga­niz­ing the copy­ing sys­tem.
  • You can select copy­ing of only new trades.
  • Posi­tions can be con­vert­ed to pend­ing orders.
  • Can work both with 4‑digit and 5‑digit quotes.
  • Can work with the sym­bols that have suf­fix­es.
  • Error-free pro­cess­ing of par­tial clo­sure.
  • High copy­ing speed, fast open­ing and clos­ing of deals.
  • Atten­tion: works in a cir­cu­lar mode for max­i­mum copy­ing speed.


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