Expert Advisor Fractals Wave Rider

Buy Fractals Wave Rider Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems

Frac­tal Wave Rid­er EA uses frac­tals for trad­ing. This EA checks frac­tals on three dif­fer­ent time­frames for trad­ing sig­nals. If the entry sig­nal is con­firmed on all time­frames the trade is entered. Usage on EURUSD is rec­om­mend­ed, but this EA can be opti­mized to run on oth­er sym­bols.


  • Uses frac­tals as indi­ca­tor for entry sig­nals
  • Prof­it trail­ing
  • Auto detec­tion of 4 and 5 dig­it sym­bols
  • Aver­ag­ing to turn los­ing trades into win­ners (can be dis­able)


  • Lot size: fixed lot size for trad­ing
  • Stop loss: stop loss in pips
  • Trail­ing start: pips in prof­it to start trail­ing
  • Trail­ing stop dis­tance: dis­tance for trail­ing stop
  • Time­frame 1: first time­frame to check for entry sig­nals
  • Time­frame 2: sec­ond time­frame to check for entry sig­nals
  • Time­frame 3: third time­frame to check for entry sig­nals
  • Start aver­ag­ing at dis­tance: the dis­tance in pips to start aver­ag­ing if the trade is in loss. This val­ue must be low­er than stop loss val­ue, oth­er­wise SL is hit.
  • Mag­ic num­ber: the mag­ic num­ber
  • Com­ment: you can change this com­ment

Fractals Wave Rider 

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