Expert Advisor Grid Harvester MT4 Free

Buy Grid Harvester MT4 Free Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems

Free ver­sion of the grid strat­e­gy! Iden­ti­cal strat­e­gy to the full ver­sion, the only lim­i­ta­tion is the num­ber of posi­tions.

Its goal is to har­vest most out of trend­ing mar­ket (on auto­mat­ic mode) tak­ing advan­tage of cor­rec­tions in trends. It can be also used by expe­ri­enced traders on man­u­al trad­ing. This kind of sys­tem is being used by most suc­cess­ful social traders hav­ing 500+ paid sub­scribers.

Com­bine your trad­ing expe­ri­ence with this auto­mat­ic strat­e­gy! It con­tains grid for GBPJPY that is eas­i­ly scal­able on oth­er cur­ren­cies.

You can also build grid on your own from scratch!

The strat­e­gy also sup­ports stop loss option. You can use equi­ty-based stop loss set­ting per­cent­age of equi­ty to be pro­tect­ed in one trans­ac­tion.

  • Test it on GBPJPY 06.2012 — 11.2013 at any time­frame (every tick).
  • Can be also test­ed on any oth­er cur­ren­cy pair with a trend­ing mar­ket (for exam­ple, GBPUSD 06.2013–11.2013) or oscil­lat­ing mar­ket. Bet­ter would be using more tight grid on GBPUSD and fol­low day’s trend if not in oscil­la­tion mode. In oscil­la­tion mode use 8–16 MAs to oscil­late around.

Grid Harvester MT4 Free

The Expert Advi­sor is very easy to con­fig­ure. Send me pri­vate mes­sages for more details or watch the Meta­Trad­er 4 ver­sion video tuto­r­i­al.

All options have a long descrip­tion giv­ing an exam­ple of what can be accom­plished with cer­tain options.

Become a suc­cess­ful sig­nal provider with tons of sub­scrip­tions or sim­ply trade your own account and make big prof­its with a well-known sys­tem.

Watch YouTube pre­sen­ta­tion and screen-shots.

JPY pairs are good for auto­mat­ed trad­ing as Japan is fac­ing default and inflat­ing its cur­ren­cy (yet it does not guar­an­tee suc­cess).

The strat­e­gy has both Meta­Trad­er 4 and Meta­Trad­er 5 ver­sions.


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