Expert Advisor Guard SL TP

Buy Guard SL TP Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems

Each of us has a devel­oped trad­ing tech­nique, and the key points of every tech­nique are Stop Loss and Take Prof­it lev­els.

This sim­ple EA is designed to keep an eye on whether each item has required SL and TP.


  • minTP - min­i­mum TP that we MUST set to any posi­tion,
  • minSL - min­i­mum SL that we MUST set to any posi­tion,
  • suf­fix - if your bro­ker adds a “tail” to the sym­bol / instru­ment,
  • Wait­Sec - the inter­val between the checks.

This handy tool is for EVERYONE!

How many times did the absent of SL or TP cause a change in your thought-out plan? So, you can for­get about these sit­u­a­tions!

For each item with­out any set­tings, you will get an alarm as long as you do not set your min­i­mum assumed para­me­ters SL and TP. Thanks to this, before you leave the com­put­er, you will be sure that you stick to your trad­ing plan, which is a very impor­tant ele­ment in Forex trad­ing. Just copy the attached file to Experts fold­er and drag it on ANY chart.

Guard SL TP 

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