Expert Advisor IDT

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About Expert Advisor

IDT stands for Intra-Day Trend.

This EA enters into a posi­tion ear­ly part of the day before the trend gets to set. If it goes oppo­site of the trend, it will reverse itself to fol­low the cor­rect trend.

Input Parameters

  • Trade Open Before — Open trade before hour.
  • Trade Close After — Close trade after hour.
  • Max­i­mum Trade Allowed — Max­i­mum trade in a day.
  • Entry — Entry sys­tem.
  • Rever­sal Spac­ing — Reverse the trade spac­ing in % of dai­ly range.
  • Take Prof­it (Big) — Take prof­it 1.
  • Take Prof­it (Small) — Take prof­it 2.

Optimization Tips and Tricks

  • Trade Open Before — Start 8, Step 4, End 16.
  • Max­i­mum Trade Allowed — Start 2, Step 1, End 4.
  • Entry — Start 20, Step 5, End 35.
  • Rever­sal Spac­ing — Start 20, Step 10, End 50.
  • Take Prof­it (Big) — Start 20, Step 10, End 60.
  • Take Prof­it (Small) — Start 10, Step 10, End 50.

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