Expert Advisor Jack Pot

Buy Jack Pot Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems

Jack Pot is an Expert Advi­sor based on trend and price action. Advance Mon­ey Man­age­ment pro­vides prof­its and pro­tects bal­ance from sig­nif­i­cant loss.

Input para­me­ters:

  • Risk — Risk (in per­cents);
  • Take Prof­it — Take Prof­it (in pips);
  • Stop Loss — Stop Loss (in pips);
  • Max­i­mum Lots — Max­i­mum Lots allowed;
  • Con­trol Bal­ance Mul­ti­pli­er — Deter­mine how aggres­sive lot will grow after loss;
  • First Prof­it — First Par­tial Prof­it point (in pips);

Sys­tem has best results on H2 time frame on sym­bol EURUSD.

Pre­sent­ed his­to­ry results:

  • Test­ing peri­od: 2011.01.01 — 2012.05.01;
  • Ini­tial deposit = 10 000$;
  • Input para­me­ters set to default.


  • 69000$ net prof­it !! (about 600%!!!)
  • 2.19 Prof­it Fac­tor
  • 4.78 Recov­ery Fac­tor

Jack Pot 

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