Expert Advisor LFAT

Buy LFAT Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems

LAFT is a unique trad­ing sys­tem that works based on any price move­ment.

This trad­ing robot is dis­tinct in that it uses the aver­ag­ing sys­tem that has been tem­pered and improved to the max­i­mum to allow it to with­stand even sig­nif­i­cant mar­ket move­ments.

The lot man­age­ment in the sys­tem is per­formed by the Expert Advi­sor based on the deposit and risk per­cent­age that can also be adjust­ed in the set­tings.

The Expert Advi­sor is not sen­si­tive to spread and slip­page.

It can work on any cur­ren­cy pair and any peri­od.



  • MM — cor­re­la­tion between lot and deposit (MM=1 means 0.01 lot for every $100,000).
  • lotK- coef­fi­cient for cal­cu­la­tion of lot in sub­se­quent open­ing, where­by the total open lot is mul­ti­plied by the coef­fi­cient.
  • StartTP — ini­tial val­ue of Take Prof­it upon open­ing the first order.
  • TPk-  coef­fi­cient for cal­cu­la­tion of Take Prof­it in sub­se­quent open­ing, where­by the pre­vi­ous Take Prof­it is mul­ti­plied by the coef­fi­cient.
  • step- ini­tial step of orders.
  • stepK- order step coef­fi­cient.
  • Mag­ic — iden­ti­fi­er of orders.
  • tikA- para­me­ter that allows to speed up opti­miza­tion or test­ing. The Expert Advi­sor ana­lyzes only ticks, mul­ti­ple para­me­ters.


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