Expert Advisor Moving Average N

Buy Moving Average N Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems

Pecu­liar­i­ty of the mod­i­fied Mov­ing Aver­age EA is that it is pro­vid­ed with a NEURAL FILTER. We have select­ed the Mov­ing Aver­age EA as it is a stan­dard expert advi­sor and pro­vid­ed togeth­er with a ter­mi­nal. Along with the strat­e­gy based on mov­ing aver­ages indi­ca­tors, the neur­al net­work is employed, and after learn­ing on the EA’s trad­ing sig­nals in the Tester, it can min­i­mize draw­down and increase your prof­it.

It works on EURUSD, H4.

As the EA is tech­ni­cal­ly the same, its para­me­ters have not changed:

  • Lots ” trad­ing lot vol­ume;
  • Max­i­mum­Risk ” allowed risk size in per­cent­age from the deposit;
  • Decrease­Fac­tor ” lot decrease after a loss-mak­ing deal;
  • Mov­ing­Pe­ri­od ” mov­ing aver­age peri­od;
  • Mov­ing­Shift ” shift rel­a­tive to the price chart, in bars.

We also added new para­me­ters to man­age the neur­al fil­ter:

  • UseNeu­ro ” flag to enable/disable the neur­al fil­ter;
  • Buy­OpenThresh­old ” neur­al fil­ter trig­ger thresh­old to open BUY % of posi­tions;
  • Sel­l­OpenThresh­old ” neur­al fil­ter trig­ger thresh­old to open SELL % of posi­tions;
  • Nor­mal­ize ” enable input vec­tor data nor­mal­iza­tion for the neur­al net­work;
  • Com­plete­Bar­sOn­ly ” deliv­er only fin­ished bars to the neur­al net­work (exclu­sive of the cur­rent one);
  • Neu­roLots ” fil­tered posi­tion vol­ume decrease ratio.

The neur­al fil­ter has been learn­ing from 01.01.2014 to 01.01.2015


  • Clas­sic Mov­ing Aver­age (1 pic­ture), Mov­ing Aver­age with the neur­al fil­ter (2 pic­tures) on a back test for 2014;
  • For­ward test from 1.01.2015 till today, with­out the neur­al fil­ter (3 pic­tures) and with the neur­al fil­ter (4 pic­tures).

Moving Average N 

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