Expert Advisor One Minute Scalper

Buy One Minute Scalper Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems


This Expert Advi­sor uses Scalp­ing mode and is based on Enve­lope Mov­ing Aver­ages applied to 1 minute chart which define Up Devi­a­tion and Low Devi­a­tion.

At this area price usu­al­ly moves from a trend (rever­sal).

Sig­nal Buy appears when price reach­es below low devi­a­tion and then goes up above low devi­a­tion.

Sig­nal Sell appears when price reach­es above up devi­a­tion and then goes down below up devi­a­tion.

Best result is with EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, EURJPY and GBPJPY at the same time. Attach the Expert Advi­sor on 1 minute chart.

This Expert Advi­sor will work with 5 dig­its bro­kers, low spread as low as 10 pips, low stops lev­el and fast exe­cu­tion.

Choose a bro­ker with this cri­te­ria before using this Expert Advi­sor.

Input Para­me­ter:

  • EA_Name = Name for this Expert Advi­sor
  • Mag­ic = Unique num­ber for this Expert Advi­sor
  • Auto_Lots = Lot Set­ting. If this Para­me­ter is TRUE, Risk Per­cent from Account Bal­ance is auto­mat­i­cal­ly used. If this Para­me­ter is FALSE, Lots is used
  • Risk_Percent = Risk Per­cent from Account Bal­ance
  • Lots = Man­u­al used lot
  • Max_Spread = Max­i­mum spread allowed for this Expert Advi­sor. (Default set to 15. Change below 15 or to typ­i­cal spread of a bro­ker. Usu­al­ly 10. Lit­tle val­ue is best for result)
  • Take_Profit = Take Prof­it
  • Trail_Stop_Loss = Trail­ing Stop Loss
  • Hide_Trail_Stop_Loss = Hide Trail­ing Stop Loss. If this val­ue is big­ger than Trail_Stop_Loss, Hide_Trail_Stop_Loss is dis­abled
  • Start_Trail_Lock_Profit = Start of trail­ing lock prof­it in pips
  • Trail_Lock_Profit = Val­ue of pips from Start_Trail_Lock_Profit
  • Hide_Trail_Lock_Profit = Hide Trail­ing Lock Prof­it. If this val­ue is big­ger than Trail Lock Prof­it, Hide Trail Lock Prof­it is dis­abled

One Minute Scalper 

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