Expert Advisor Pin Bar Trader

Buy Pin Bar Trader Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems

Pin Bar Trad­er is a price action Expert Advi­sor that trades the Pin Bar. Sig­nal hard­ly comes but when it comes it is high­ly prof­itable. Go ahead and give it a try.

You can use this EA on any time­frame but it is high­ly rec­om­mend­ed to run on H1 and above.

Cus­tom Max option is avail­able. Opti­mize and choose the best para­me­ters among the top few Cus­tom Max optimizations.

Input Para­me­ters

  • Tail Per­cent — the Tail size in rela­tion to the Pin Bar Size, spec­i­fied in percentage;
  • Pin Bar Size — spec­i­fied in pips;
  • Mon­i­tor Peri­od — para­me­ter for check­ing up or down trend, spec­i­fied in bars;
  • Peri­od Size — the trend size, spec­i­fied in pips;
  • Take Prof­it — spec­i­fied in pips;
  • Stop Loss — spec­i­fied in pips.

Opti­miza­tion Tips and Tricks

  • Tail Per­cent — min­i­mum val­ue is 50, step is 5.
  • Pin Bar Size — depends on the time­frame you choose. The high­er the time­frame, the larg­er is the size.
  • Mon­i­tor Peri­od — you can choose not to opti­mize this.
  • Peri­od Size — depends on the time­frame you choose. The high­er the time­frame, the larg­er is the size.
Note: Take Prof­it and Stop Loss are hidden.

About Myself

More than 15 years of pro­gram­ming experience.

More than 8 years of trad­ing expe­ri­ence on Forex.

35-th posi­tion in Auto­mat­ed Trad­ing Cham­pi­onship 2012.

Pin Bar Trader 

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