Expert Advisor PulseVolatileAnalyzer

Buy PulseVolatileAnalyzer Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems

The Expert Advi­sor works with ticks, cal­cu­lates volatil­i­ty and oper­ates in the volatil­i­ty work­ing range. After that, the EA defines price devi­a­tion from the price bal­ance lev­el and starts work­ing in the direc­tion set in the input para­me­ters and on the appro­pri­ate lev­els that are also spec­i­fied in the inputs.

Set­ting (by default) is dis­played in the screen­shot (2014.01.01–2014.11.01). Before work­ing in real time, opti­mize a month on every tick! The opti­miza­tion set­ting is pro­vid­ed. It is enough to opti­mize the EA once per month, for exam­ple. After that, it shows excel­lent results on the for­ward peri­od (up to a year).

Also, it is rec­om­mend­ed to work on liq­uid Forex pairs with low spreads and use VPS. The min­i­mum start­ing deposit is $100 and the min­i­mum lot is 0.01.


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