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Push­TheTrend is an Expert Advi­sor the strat­e­gy of which con­sists of open­ing orders fol­low­ing a trend toward the cur­rent move­ment. The EA is wait­ing for a burst of activ­i­ty and if it sees that the burst can push the mar­ket fur­ther, it opens a trade in the burst direc­tion. The EA has two built-in sim­i­lar algo­rithms deter­min­ing entry points which com­ple­ment each oth­er.

The EA works on EURUSD and GBPUSD and any time­frames. Results will dif­fer depend­ing on a time­frame. Per­form sev­er­al tests and select a time­frame which suits you before attach­ing the EA on the chart.


  • It DOES NOT use grid strat­e­gy.
  • It DOES NOT use Mar­tin­gale.
  • It DOES NOT use hedg­ing and arbi­trage.
  • Handy risk cal­cu­la­tion sys­tem.
  • Works with 4 and 5 dig­its bro­kers.
  • Auto­mat­ed twen­ty-four-hour oper­a­tion.
  • Built-in sys­tem of fast cap­i­tal recov­ery.
  • Pos­i­tive results of long back­test­ing of the strat­e­gy (from 1999 to our days) includ­ing quotes with 99% qual­i­ty.


  • 5 dig­it ECN and STP account with aver­age spread on EURUSD and GBPUSD not exceed­ing 25 points.
  • Deposit: 100$.
  • Lever­age from 1:50–100 (depend­ing on expect­ed risks).


  • Risk ” cal­cu­la­tion of a trade size (lot) which depends on a deposit size in % (max­i­mum amount you are ready to risk in one trade, as per­cent­age of the deposit).
  • FixLot ” fixed size of a trade (does not depend on the deposit size). The para­me­ter is acti­vat­ed when Risk=0.
  • Recov­ery­Mode ” fast cap­i­tal recov­ery mode.
ATTENTION! Test this func­tion in the strat­e­gy tester before using it!
Also: all avail­able trade his­to­ry of the ter­mi­nal must be opened for prop­er oper­a­tion in the Recov­ery mode (Account his­to­ry tab-> right mouse but­ton on an emp­ty space (or any oth­er order) -> His­to­ry tab).
  • Indi­ca­tion ” show indi­ca­tion on the chart.
  • Mag­ic­Num­ber ” ID num­ber of the EA’s orders (the EA has 2 built-in algo­rithms, each algo­rithm uses its own ID num­ber as fol­lows: MagicNumber+(algorithm num­ber). For instance, if Mag­ic­Num­ber = 1000, ID num­ber of the first algo­rithm will be 1000+1=1001, for the sec­ond — 1000+2=1002).
  • EACom­ment ” com­ment for the EA’s orders.
  • MaxSpread ” max­i­mum allowed spread for open­ing orders.

PushTheTrend Lite 

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