Expert Advisor Reverse Trades Copier Follow

Buy Reverse Trades Copier Follow Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems

Reverse Trade­Copi­er Fol­low can copy trades from an account that is run­ning Reverse Trade­Copi­er Source.


  • Copies trades from one source (mas­ter) account to mul­ti­ple fol­low­ing (slave) accounts.
  • Allow investor (read only) pass­word for source (mas­ter) account.
  • There are no com­pli­cat­ed set­tings and input para­me­ters, every­thing is easy.
  • Works with dif­fer­ent bro­kers.
  • Works with dif­fer­ent quotes sym­bols (EURUSD_FX, eurusd_m, etc.).
  • Can copy orders from 4‑digit quotes plat­form to 5‑digit quotes plat­form and vice-ver­sa.
  • Allows copy­ing trades between bro­kers with instant exe­cu­tion and bro­kers with mar­ket exe­cu­tion (ECN).
  • The vol­ume for the fol­low­ing account is cho­sen by the dif­fer­ence of FreeMar­gin between source account and the fol­low­ing account. Min­i­mum and max­i­mum is lim­it­ed by the plat­form. It is bet­ter than fixed lot size.
  • Copies sig­nals of Expert Advi­sors as well as Man­u­al trades.
  • Reverse Trades Fol­low Report” is gen­er­at­ed for each fol­low account. The path is “MT5 terminal\MQL5\File\Reverse Trade­Copi­er\”.
  • Sup­ports most types of mar­ket and pend­ing orders as below:
    • Buy -> Sell
    • Buy Stop -> Sell Lim­it
    • Buy Lim­it -> Sell Stop
    • Sell -> Buy
    • Sell Stop -> Buy Lim­it
    • Sell Lim­it -> Buy Stop
    • (Stop Loss change to Take Prof­it and vice ver­sa)


1. Down­load “Reverse Trade­Copi­er source” and run it on mas­ter ter­mi­nal (source account).
2. Down­load “Reverse Trade­Copi­er fol­low” and run it on slave ter­mi­nals (fol­low­ing accounts).
3. Be sure to allow Auto­Traing.


If you trade man­u­al­ly or trade using anoth­er EA on a fol­low­ing account, “Reverse Trade­Copi­er Fol­low” will exit.

It does not copy positions/orders, which were opened/placed before run­ning “Reverse Trade­Copi­er Source” and “Reverse Trade­Copi­er Fol­low”.

The price for trade oper­a­tions on fol­low­ing accounts may have tiny dif­fer­ence from the source account if they are from dif­fer­ent plat­forms (bro­kers) or if mar­ket is vio­lent.

Old “Reverse Trades Fol­low Report” will be cleaned and gen­er­ate new one in 2 cas­es:

  1. The fol­low account has been changed.
  2. New week comes up.

Reverse Trades Copier Follow 

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