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The Riv­er trades the EURUSD with a risk/reward ratio of 1/15, risk­ing around 3% of account bal­ance per trade and mak­ing it an aggres­sive Expert Advi­sor. Although 1:15 is a very good R/R ratio, there’s an esti­mat­ed prob­a­bil­i­ty of only 10% of prof­it trades accord­ing to the EA back­test­ing.

It only opens 1 stop order per day and in aver­age there are only 130 trades per year. My rec­om­mend­ed min­i­mum start­ing bal­ance is $1000. This EA is the one behind the sig­nal named “The River”.And it is also an aggres­sive ver­sion of the EA named “The Stream”.

The Strategy

The Riv­er puts stop orders in the direc­tion of a trend that is deter­mined by the price lev­el in rela­tion­ship to one par­tic­u­lar Mov­ing Aver­age. This strat­e­gy is only designed for the EURUSD and it works on the D1 time­frame.

Stop Loss­es are set 10 pips below or above the trade price and Take Prof­its are set 150 pips above or below it.


Each bro­ker has dif­fer­ent Max­i­mum­Lot­Sizes depend­ing on the type of account, so you can change it at the “input” tab when you attach the EA to your EURUSD chart. That’s the only para­me­ter you can change in this EA. The default MaxLot is set on 100.


Accord­ing to back­test­ing in a MetaQuotes-Demo account, from Feb­ru­ary, 2007 to August, 2014, this EA turned $1000 into $4,446,028 with a rel­a­tive draw­down of 49.94% and a prof­it fac­tor of 1.59. More accu­rate results can be seen while fol­low­ing the sig­nal named “The Riv­er”.

You can also get sim­i­lar infor­ma­tion by down­load­ing the demo ver­sion and test­ing it on your own ter­mi­nal.


Hen­ry Latour­rette is an eco­nom­ics enthu­si­ast with a degree in Mar­ket­ing Engi­neer­ing and a deep expe­ri­ence in Inter­na­tion­al Busi­ness.

The River 

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