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About EA

This EA is designed to take advan­tage of price retrace­ment. It enters a trade with min­i­mum vol­ume size when the price is exhaust­ed and uses aver­ag­ing with increase of vol­ume when the mar­ket goes deep­er into oversold/overbought zones.

There is no stop loss. Posi­tions are only closed in prof­it.

To bet­ter yield with this EA, it is rec­om­mend­ed to trade mul­ti-cur­ren­cy pairs.

Input Parameters

  • Trade Direc­tion - trad­ing in a sin­gle or both direc­tion;
  • Entry Peri­od - entry log­ic;
  • Spac­ing - dis­tance to next trade to be open, spec­i­fied in pips;
  • Aver­ag­ing Near - sets how near the aver­age price to cur­rent price, spec­i­fied in pips;
  • Take Prof­it - take prof­it, spec­i­fied in pips;
  • Use Hard TP - use Hard or Soft TP;
  • Lot­Size - the ini­tial vol­ume size.
Note: Take Prof­it is hid­den.

Optimization Tips and Tricks

When Use Hard TP is true then the EA will take prof­it at that TP val­ue. If it is set to false, the EA will try to find a good exit when the TP is more than or equal to the TP val­ue.

Use a step of 12 for Entry Peri­od (Rec­om­mend­ed). EG: 12, 24, 36, etc.

About Myself

More than 15 years of pro­gram­ming expe­ri­ence.

More than 8 years of trad­ing expe­ri­ence on Forex.

35-th posi­tion in the Auto­mat­ed Trad­ing Cham­pi­onship 2012.

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