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Roller strategy basis:

  • The EA deter­mines strength and direc­tion of a trend accord­ing to num­ber of can­dles open­ing prices of which are higher/lower than pre­vi­ous ones (num­ber of can­dles are rep­re­sent­ed by can­dles vari­able).
  • Flat fil­ter: dis­tance from a cer­tain can­dle to the cur­rent can­dle open­ing should exceed or be equal to dis­tance para­me­ter in points.

Sup­pose that candles=4 and distance=30. In that case:

  • if open­ing of can­dle 0 is high­er than open­ing of can­dle 1, and
  • open­ing of can­dle 1 is high­er than open­ing of can­dle 2, and
  • open­ing of can­dle 2 is high­er than open­ing of can­dle 3, and
  • open­ing of can­dle 3 is high­er than open­ing of can­dle 4 ====> we have one buy sig­nal (sell con­di­tions are oppo­site), as this is obvi­ous­ly bull­ish trend.

It is often the case that such for­ma­tions are observed in a nar­row flat. Here, can­dles are usu­al­ly small, and such “stairs” are formed. To avoid open­ing trades in flat fol­low­ing fil­ter is applied:

Dis­tance between open­ing price of can­dle 4 (if candles=4) to the open­ing of a cur­rent can­dle should exceed or be equal to the dis­tance para­me­ter. In our case distance=30.

So, to open a trade you should meet two above­men­tioned require­ments: a stair made of can­dles open­ings and at least 30 point dis­tance from can­dle open­ing spec­i­fied by the can­dles vari­able to the cur­rent can­dle open­ing.

If an order is opened and the price goes in the oppo­site direc­tion as com­pared to this order, the EA places an aver­ag­ing order (you can choose the same lot size or a lot size with a mul­ti­pli­er. With­out a mul­ti­pli­er by default).

The EA clos­es all orders with a total prof­it if a total num­ber of prof­it points spec­i­fied in Take­Prof­it is reached.

Loss­es are lim­it­ed as well: If total num­ber of loss­es in points spec­i­fied in MaxLoss is reached, all orders will be closed with this num­ber of loss­es spec­i­fied in MaxLoss.
The EA have to be opti­mized for every bro­ker, as each bro­ker has dif­fer­ent quotes. Opti­miza­tion is per­formed by open prices (fast method).
The EA is auto­mat­i­cal­ly adjust­ed for 4 and 5 dig­its quotes.

Parameters for optimization:

  • can­dles: start: 2, step 1, stop: 8.
  • dis­tance: start: 10, step 10, stop: 80.
  • Lots are opti­mized as one wish­es.
  • Take­Prof­it: start: 5, step 5, stop: 100.
  • MaxLoss: start: 5, step 5, stop: 100.
  • Step: start: 5, step 5, stop: 100.
  • Mul­ti­pli­er if desired.


  • can­dles: num­ber of sub­se­quent can­dles, open­ing of which should be higher/lower than the pre­vi­ous can­dle open­ing (“stair”);
  • dis­tance: dis­tance from open­ing the last can­dle of the “stair” to the cur­rent can­dle open­ing in points;
  • MM: enable auto lot;
  • MaxRisk: if auto lot is enabled (true), the lot will be cal­cu­lat­ed bas­ing on free mar­gin in per­cent­age terms.
  • Lot: if auto lot is dis­abled (MM=false), the lot will be as spec­i­fied in this val­ue.
  • Take­Prof­it: all orders opened by the EA will be closed when the prof­it in points, spec­i­fied here, is reached.
  • MaxLoss: all orders will be closed when total loss in points is reached.
  • Step: If an order is opened and the price goes in the oppo­site direc­tion, scale-ins in the direc­tion of the ini­tial order open­ing are per­formed every Step.
  • Mul­ti­pli­er: you can enable a lot mul­ti­pli­er for scaled-in orders. The lot is not mul­ti­plied by the pre­vi­ous lot size by default.
  • Mag­ic: val­ue for the EA to dis­tin­guish its orders.
  • Slip­page: max­i­mum slip­page to open an order.
  • name: this val­ue will be spec­i­fied in com­ments to each order.
  • Max­Orders: max­i­mum num­ber of orders that the EA can open at a time.


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