Expert Advisor ScalpelFractalAdaptiveMA

Buy ScalpelFractalAdaptiveMA Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems

This half scal­ing sys­tem ana­lyzes the mar­ket using Frac­tal Adap­tive Mov­ing Aver­age tech­ni­cal indi­ca­tor. The sys­tem can be scalp­ing or not depend­ing on Take­Prof­it and Sto­pLoss para­me­ters. The EA dis­tin­guish­es itself by sta­ble sig­nals which can be used as accu­rate short-term sig­nals. Please use the M1 time­frame. The EA works on any cur­ren­cy pair. The EA cor­rect­ly process­es errors, and works reli­ably in the mar­ket. Can work with the ini­tial deposit from $100! It is impor­tant to choose the direc­tion of the EA oper­a­tion: both sides, only buy or only sell.

Two Mov­ing aver­ages are applied for entry: either by cross­ing, or slope angle (Type­Syg­nal para­me­ter).

Input Parameters

  • Peri­od­Work ” peri­od, on which the EA oper­ates;
  • Risk ” risk defines the lot from the bal­ance;
  • LotRound­ing ” 0,1,2 lot round­ing;
  • Devi­a­tion ” requotes;
  • Sto­pLoss ” stop loss;
  • Take­Prof­it ” take prof­it;
  • Inver­sion ” sig­nal inver­sion;
  • Sig­nal­Bar ” sig­nal bar;
  • Type­Syg­nal ” sig­nal type;
  • ENUM_TYPE_CLASSIC ” clas­si­cal sig­nal of the cross­ing of Mov­ing Aver­ages;
  • ENUM_TYPE_ANGLE ” sig­nal accord­ing to Mov­ing Aver­age slope angle;
  • PeriodSignal1 ” Mov­ing Aver­age peri­od 1;
  • Length1 ” Mov­ing Aver­age length 1;
  • Method1 ” Mov­ing Aver­age mod­el 1;
  • AppliedPrice1 ” cal­cu­late Mov­ing Aver­age to price 1;
  • Shift1 ” shift of Mov­ing Aver­age 1;
  • PeriodSignal2 ” Mov­ing Aver­age peri­od 2;
  • Length2 ” Mov­ing Aver­age length 2;
  • Method2 ” Mov­ing Aver­age mod­el 2;
  • AppliedPrice2 ” cal­cu­late Mov­ing Aver­age to price 2;
  • Shift2 ” shift of Mov­ing Aver­age 2.


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