Expert Advisor SmartTrailing

Buy SmartTrailing Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems

The Expert Advi­sor mod­i­fies Sto­pLoss orders.

The trad­ing robot can be applied to any sym­bol win­dow. It tracks all open posi­tions and works with each of them. 

If nec­es­sary, infor­ma­tion about the trad­ing robot­’s oper­a­tion can be dis­played at the cor­ner of the screen.

P.S. I have been using this Expert Advi­sor for quite a long time already and final­ly found time to upload it to the mar­ket.


  • Use­CloseOneThird — if true, one third of the posi­tion is closed when LevelProfit1 is reached;
  • LevelProfit1 — prof­it (points), at which Sto­pLoss is moved to LevelMoving1;
  • LevelMoving1 — the first lev­el Sto­pLoss is moved to;
  • LevelProfit2 — prof­it (points), at which Sto­pLoss is moved to LevelMoving2;
  • LevelMoving2 — the sec­ond lev­el Sto­pLoss is moved to;
  • LevelProfit3 — prof­it (points), at which Sto­pLoss is moved to LevelMoving3;
  • LevelMoving3 — the third lev­el Sto­pLoss is moved to;
  • Trail­ingStop — the lev­el, at which trail­ing starts work­ing;
  • Trail­ing­Step — trail­ing step;
  • Slip­page — slip­page;
  • Show­Com­ment — if true, the data is dis­played on screen;
  • UseSound — if true, an audio sig­nal is trig­gered when mov­ing Sto­pLoss order.

Tip: Trail­ingStop lev­el should exceed LevelProfit3. Oth­er­wise, the Expert Advi­sor will not work cor­rect­ly.

Thank you for your atten­tion and good luck!


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