Expert Advisor SS v4

Buy SS v4 Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems

A very inter­est­ing Expert Advi­sor that uses two CCI indi­ca­tors with sev­er­al para­me­ters of set­tings com­bi­na­tions. One of the CCI indi­ca­tors is con­sid­ered slow, the sec­ond one is fast, and when both indi­ca­tors break through one lev­el, the EA enters the mar­ket. In anoth­er vari­ant of set­tings, the dis­tance between the sig­nals must be the great­est pos­si­ble; once this max­i­mum val­ue is reached, the EA enters the mar­ket.

The Expert Advi­sor uses the clas­sic trad­ing method with a min­i­mum of deals, min­i­mum time in the posi­tion, min­i­mum draw­down.

Account requirements:

  • Lever­age: 1:100 or high­er
  • Stop Out: no more than 20%
  • Min­i­mum order vol­ume (lots): 0.01
  • Min­i­mum step for the order vol­ume: 0.01
  • Do not use bonus, they are not tak­en into account in draw­down and Stop Out cal­cu­la­tion
  • Account cur­ren­cy: USD is rec­om­mend­ed
  • An account with a fixed or zero spread (ECN/NDD) is rec­om­mend­ed


  • An Expert Advi­sor for ÐœetaТrader 4 (Build 600 or high­er)
  • Min­i­mum deposit: 100$ with lot 0.01
  • The Expert Advi­sor per­forms well with a min­i­mum spread of 0.4 and a fixed or zero spread
  • Time­frame: M30 or high­er.


  • Dont_Wait_Bars_Close — a sig­nal on the cur­rent bar or the next bar.
  • Common_Level_Crossing — in this case both sig­nals must cross the same lev­el.
  • A__Fast_CCI_Period — the A peri­od of the fast CCI.
  • A__Slow_CCI_Period — the A peri­od of the slow CCI.
  • A__Level_Buy — the A lev­el of Buy.
  • A__Level_Sell — the A lev­el of Sell.
  • Sep­a­rate lev­els — in this case each of the indi­ca­tors should reach their own lev­els.
  • Separate_Levels.
  • B__Fast_CCI_Period — the B peri­od of the fast CCI.
  • B__Level_Buy_Fast — the B lev­el of Buy of the fast CCI.
  • B__Level_Sell_Fast — the B lev­el of Sell of the fast CCI.
  • B__Slow_CCI_Period — the B peri­od of the slow CCI.
  • B__Level_Buy_Slow — the B lev­el of Buy of the slow CCI.
  • B__Level_Sell_Slow — the B lev­el of Sell of the slow CCI.
  • Sin­gle lev­el + dis­tance — this means that there should be a cer­tain dis­tance between indi­ca­tors.
  • Level_and_Distance.
  • C__Fast_CCI_Period — the C peri­od of the fast CCI.
  • C__Slow_CCI_Period — the C peri­od of the slow CCI.
  • C__Level_Buy — the C lev­el of Buy.
  • C__Level_Sell — the C lev­el of Sell.
  • C__Distance_Min — min­i­mum C dis­tance.
  • Timetable — work­ing ses­sions, time when trad­ing opens and clos­es.
  • Start_Hour.
  • Start_Minute.
  • Stop_Hour.
  • Stop_Minute.
  • Exit set­tings.
  • Bars_Limit — after enter­ing, it defines the num­ber of bars to close a posi­tion both by stop loss and take prof­it.
  • Stop_Loss — Stop Loss set sep­a­rate­ly.
  • Take_Profit — Take Prof­it set sep­a­rate­ly.
  • Loss_Percent — loss per­cent of the total deposit.
  • Order set­tings.
  • Orders_Limit .
  • Initial_Lot.
  • Slip­page.
  • Market_Execution.
  • Visu­al­iza­tion.
  • Jour­nal .
  • Draw_Deals — draw entry/exit icons on a chart.
  • Color_Profit — col­or of a win­ning entry lone.
  • Color_Loss — col­or of a los­ing entry lone.
  • Color_Buy — col­or of Buy entry lev­els
  • Color_Sell — col­or of Sell entry lev­els

SS v4 

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