Expert Advisor Super Pattern

Buy Super Pattern Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems

This Expert Advi­sor uses pat­terns. You can set pat­terns up to 5 can­dles and select para­me­ters for the trad­ing robot­’s oper­a­tion. Since the pat­terns reflect trader’s psy­chol­o­gy, that facil­i­tates more pre­cise mar­ket entry and decreased draw­down improv­ing the prof­its and reduc­ing the risks.

In addi­tion, there are func­tions of posi­tion track­ing that increase the sys­tem’s prof­itabil­i­ty. These are stop loss, take prof­it and trail. They are invis­i­ble to your bro­ker. That pro­tects your stop lev­els from being hunt­ed down by the bro­ker. Also, the trad­ing robot can cal­cu­late the dynam­ic lot from the size of your deposit when open­ing a new posi­tion.


  • Start Hour “ the hour, at which new posi­tions start open­ing
  • Start Minute — the minute, at which new posi­tions start open­ing
  • End Hour “ the hour, at which open­ing of new posi­tions ends
  • End Minute — the minute, at which open­ing of new posi­tions ends
  • Stop Loss “ lim­it­ing loss­es (invis­i­ble for a bro­ker, does not work in case of 0)
  • Take Prof­it “ lim­it­ing prof­its (invis­i­ble for a bro­ker, does not work in case of 0)
  • Max Spread “ max­i­mum spread, at which a deal is per­formed. If the sig­nal is present and the spread is large, the Expert Advi­sor waits for the spread to decrease before per­form­ing a deal
  • Dis­tance Trail­ing Stop “ vir­tu­al trail­ing stop to track prof­it (does not work in case of 0)
  • Dynam­ic Lot “ dynam­ic lot (if 0 works as a sta­t­ic lot)
  • Sta­t­ic Lot “ sta­t­ic lot
  • Aver­ag­ing “ aver­ag­ing (adding) to a loss-mak­ing posi­tion by the sig­nal
  • Pyra­mid­ing “ pyra­mid­ing (adding) to a prof­itable posi­tion by the sig­nal
  • Revers Sig­nal “ posi­tion rever­sal at the oppo­site sig­nal. The entire posi­tion is not reversed: the pre­vi­ous direc­tion is closed, while the new one is opened with the lot size spec­i­fied in the set­tings
  • Close Sig­nal “ clos­ing a posi­tion in case of an oppo­site sig­nal (if the reverse is dis­abled)

The fol­low­ing rule is valid for the para­me­ters list­ed below: they are not checked if set to 0. Thus, you can flex­i­bly set para­me­ters of any of 5 can­dles includ­ing any para­me­ter pro­vid­ed in the set­tings. You do not need to spec­i­fy all can­dle prop­er­ties. You can spec­i­fy them at your choice, and they will be checked in the exact com­bi­na­tion you have set. The sequence of can­dles on the chart cor­re­sponds with the direc­tion of the series, not arrays. (5 4 3 2 1 the cur­rent can­dle will be a zero one).

  • Trend Open-Close “ can­dle direc­tion
  • Min Body “ min­i­mum can­dle body
  • Max Body “ max­i­mum can­dle body
  • Min High-Low “ min­i­mum can­dle size
  • Max High-Low “ max­i­mum can­dle size
  • Min Out­er Peak “ min­i­mum size of the can­dle’s out­er peak (upper peak for sell, while low­er one — for buy)
  • Max Out­er Peak “ max­i­mum size of the can­dle’s out­er peak
  • Min Inter­nal Peak “ min­i­mum size of the can­dle’s inter­nal peak (low­er peak for sell, while upper one — for buy)
  • Max Inter­nal Peak “ max­i­mum size of the can­dle’s inter­nal peak
  • Min Upper Peak “ min­i­mum size of the can­dle’s upper peak
  • Max Upper Peak “ max­i­mum size of the can­dle’s upper peak
  • Min Low­er Peak “ min­i­mum size of the can­dle’s low­er peak
  • Max Low­er Peak “ max­i­mum size of the can­dle’s low­er peak
  • Min Vol­ume “ min­i­mum real can­dle vol­ume
  • Max Vol­ume “ max­i­mum real can­dle vol­ume
  • Min Delta Close 1 — Close 2 “ min­i­mum dis­tance between Close prices of two can­dles
  • Max Delta Close 1 — Close 2 “ max­i­mum dis­tance between Close prices of two can­dles

If you think that the prod­uct lacks any func­tion for check­ing the pat­terns, con­tact me and I will add them. As an exam­ple, one of the con­fig­u­ra­tion sets for EURUSD has made over 300% of prof­it in 2013 dur­ing the tests (default set­tings, peri­od — H1). Pat­tern ver­sions can be found in the appro­pri­ate ref­er­ence mate­ri­als about the can­dle­stick analy­sis and checked the nec­es­sary ones in the strat­e­gy tester. Since the Expert Advi­sor works in can­dle check mode, there is no much dif­fer­ence between test­ing on ticks and ref­er­ence points on M1 peri­od. That allows you to quick­ly opti­mize a large amount of ver­sions. I wish you good like in your trad­ing activ­i­ty.

Super Pattern 

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