Expert Advisor TimeScalper Free

Buy TimeScalper Free Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems

The Free ver­sion of TimeScalper has a fixed lot val­ue set to 0.01 and works only on EURUSD.

This EA works with inter­nal log­ic, no addi­tion­al indi­ca­tors need­ed.

Here is the expla­na­tion of the input val­ues:

  • Bro­kerIsECN — If you use an ECN Bro­ker, you must select this option that will mod­i­fy your order adding the SL only after the order is placed.
  • Sto­pLoss — This saves mon­ey against spikes or huge loss.

The EA has a trail­ing stop very close to the entry val­ue and not all the bro­kers allows so tight TL. In this case you’ll get the error “Trail­ingStop too close to the Sto­plev­el”.

In order to let the EA works cor­rect­ly, you should select a low-spread (bet­ter less than 1 point) instru­ment and a fast Bro­ker STP or ECN with a good low laten­cy con­nec­tion.

I’ve back-test­ed this EA’s on EURUSD M5 and USDJPY M5 with two dif­fer­ent bro­kers his­to­ry and a vari­able spread between 08 and 12 pips, where I had good results and low draw­down (take a look at the results of the Time Scalper Basic and Time Scalper Pro ver­sion).

You can also use the M1 Time­Frame.

It’s not my inten­tion to spon­sor any bro­kers, so I’m not going to share any Live trad­ing results. That’s why I made the free ver­sion which can be test­ed by your­self on a demo/real account with low risk.

TimeScalper Free 

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