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The Tor­sion GBPUSD soft­ware imple­ments a semi-auto­mat­ic trad­ing option on GBPUSD. It runs on the H1 time­frame. The pro­gram facil­i­tates the trad­ing process, but does not work on the prin­ci­ple ‘once launched and for­got­ten, prof­it­ing for years’. The pro­gram mon­i­tors the sit­u­a­tion for a suc­cess­ful entry into the mar­ket; when a sig­nal is received, opens a buy or a sell order depend­ing on the sig­nal type.

Once an order is opened, the pro­gram main­tains it. If the trade is going well, then after a while a cer­tain lev­el of unfixed prof­it will be reached. Once the min­i­mum allowed prof­it val­ue is reached, the EA sets an order clos­ing lev­el to pro­tect this prof­it in casr the “mar­ket goes the wrong way”. Reach­ing a cer­tain prof­it lev­el, it sets the order clos­ing lev­el. Once these val­ues ‹‹are set, the order is no longer con­trolled by the trad­ing robot. The trad­er gets an open order with unfixed prof­it and then man­ages it him­self. If you don’t want to keep track of the order (or there is no pos­si­bil­i­ty to do that), then the order will be closed after a while — after the max­i­mum or min­i­mum val­ue of prof­it is reached. Once an order with unfixed prof­it is trans­ferred to the trad­er, the trad­ing robot waits for the next sig­nal to enter the mar­ket.

Of course, it is pos­si­ble that after the order is opened the sit­u­a­tion changes and, after a while, you can make a pre­dic­tion that the order can­not reach the desired lev­el to be trans­ferred to the trad­er. If the order is in breakeven, it will be closed. If it has unfixed loss, the EA tries to open one or more orders that will bring all the orders to a com­mon breakeven lev­el. After that, all open orders mon­i­tored by the pro­gram are closed.

Operation algorithm description

  1. If there are no open orders and a sig­nal appeared (the pro­gram deter­mines the buy or sell sig­nal on the basis of the indi­ca­tor MAGISTR AIV indi­ca­tor), a buy or a sell order with the start­ing lot Lot is opened.
  2. If only one order is open and prof­it of p_prib points is reached (e.g. 100 points), the order is moved to breakeven. p_min “ min­i­mum val­ue oef fixed prof­it, p_max “ max­i­mum val­ue of fixed prof­it. After that the val­ue of ‘mag­ic’ for the EA is increased by 1. That is, we have a sit­u­a­tion where prof­it is reached, and its min­i­mum val­ue is equal to or slight­ly less than p_min points, as it may decrease due to the neg­a­tive swap and if the order is closed at a worse price of the price gap. The order will be even­tu­al­ly closed either at the min­i­mum fixed prof­it lev­el (the order is closed when the lev­el is reached, because oth­er­wise the loss of uncom­mit­ted prof­it will be high­er than can be accept­ed), or when the val­ue of p_max is reached. The order moved to breakeven is no longer main­tained by the EA and is not con­sid­ered by the EA. Tech­ni­cal­ly it is imple­ment­ed by increas­ing the val­ue of the vari­able mag­ic by 1.
  3. Anoth­er vari­ant — there is one open order, it has cur­rent unfixed prof­it, but it is less than p_prib. If an oppo­site sig­nal is received (for exam­ple, the open order is Buy, and a sell sig­nal appears), then the order is closed and anoth­er order based on the sig­nal is opened. If a sig­nal is in the same direc­tion as that of the open order, then the sig­nal is ignored, since there is an open order that has not yet reached the val­ue of p_prib.
  4. If there is one open sell that is los­ing, then the EA waits until the dif­fer­ence of delta points is reached rel­a­tive to the open order. If the dis­tance in points is greater than ‘delta’ from the last open order and a sig­nal is received, then open a new order based on the sig­nal. The lot of the order is cal­cu­lat­ed by the for­mu­la lot=startlot*n, where n is the order num­ber, if the sec­ond order is opened, then n=2.
  5. If more than one order is open, then it tries to close the series with a min­i­mum prof­it min_profit so as not to have big load on the deposit. The indi­ca­tor can pro­duce mul­ti­ple entry sig­nals for a few hours, when the chart fluc­tu­ates with­in a nar­row price range, so the algo­rithm of the trad­ing robot includes a check that the sig­nal is tak­en into account only after a dis­tance of more than delta points from the lev­el where the order was opened.

The List of Variables

  • hedge: 0 — do not use hedg­ing, 1 — use;
  • Lot — lot size;
  • p_prib — prof­it lev­el in points to set p_min and p_max;
  • p_min — the low­er lev­el of prof­it to fix;
  • p_max — the upper lev­el of prof­it to fix;
  • delta — the dif­fer­ence of delta points rel­a­tive to the last open order;
  • min_profit — if sev­er­al orders are open, the reach­ing this prof­it (total of all orders), all orders will be closed;
  • n — the num­ber of ele­ments in the arrays used for oper­a­tions with MAs (n — should not be less than 100, max­i­mum 3000);
  • WavePe­ri­od — the coef­fi­cient of the first mov­ing aver­age;
  • Avg­Pe­ri­od — the coef­fi­cient of the sec­ond mov­ing aver­age.


Test­ing on GBPUSD, Time­frame H1. Test­ing inter­val 2004.01.01–2014.08.17. Ver­sion of the test with­out hedg­ing.

  • Prof­it — 2047.11
  • Total trades — 683
  • Prof­it fac­tor — 1.25
  • Expect­ed pay­off — 3.00
  • Draw­down, $ — 2973.31
  • Draw­down, % — 28.24

Para­me­ters used:

  • hedge=0
  • p_prib=130
  • p_min=90
  • p_max=450
  • delta=110
  • min_profit=10
  • WavePeriod=10
  • AvgPeriod=21
  • magic=1
  • max_orders=10
  • Lot=0.01
  • n=3000

Ver­sion of the test with hedg­ing.

  • Prof­it — 1579.37
  • Total trades — 1477
  • Prof­it fac­tor — 1.27
  • Expect­ed pay­off — 1.07
  • Draw­down, $ — 1155.87
  • Draw­down, % — 10.89

Para­me­ters used:

  • hedge=1
  • p_prib=120
  • p_min=80
  • p_max=450
  • delta=60
  • min_profit=2
  • WavePeriod=10
  • AvgPeriod=21
  • max_orders=10
  • Lot=0.01
  • n=3000

Torsion GBPUSD 

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