Expert Advisor Trade Levels free

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Trade Lev­els free Expert Advi­sor opens posi­tions from the support/resistance lev­els placed by a trad­er. The trad­ing robot has been designed for semi-auto­mat­ic round-the-clock trad­ing free­ing users from the need to con­stant­ly mon­i­tor the mar­ket. The Expert Advi­sor can be con­ve­nient­ly used on H1 by launch­ing it on VPS ser­vice. The EA and lev­el para­me­ters are set and changed by a trad­er direct­ly on a sym­bol chart. The trad­ing robot man­ages only its own trades and does not inter­fere with the man­u­al­ly opened ones.

After the launch, the EA sets the para­me­ters, dis­plays the lev­els and places three para­me­ters under each lev­el. The men­tioned ele­ments’ val­ues are set by default. A trad­er sets the lev­els and the para­me­ter val­ues direct­ly on the sym­bol chart right after launch­ing the EA.

Trade Levels free

Level Parameters

The first para­me­ter is a lev­el angle (cal­cu­lat­ed by the EA, used for set­ting par­al­lel lev­els). The sec­ond para­me­ter is a direc­tion of the posi­tion opened from the lev­el when it is reached by the price (set by a trad­er: 0 — only buy, 1 — only sell, 2 — buy or sell accord­ing to the bar open price loca­tion (see descrip­tion below), off — lev­el dis­abled).

For exam­ple, a sell posi­tion from the lev­el is opened if the open price of a pre­vi­ous bar is below the lev­el and sit­u­at­ed at the dis­tance exceed­ing gap val­ue (in points), while the price falls with­in 2*gap range (see the screen­shot). Posi­tion is closed in case the lev­el is pierced when the price reach­es stop loss val­ue (case I) or a new bar on the oppo­site side from the lev­el is opened at the dis­tance exceed­ing gap val­ue (case II). In case of a roll­back from the lev­el, the clos­ing is per­formed by take prof­it (case III).


In order to sim­pli­fy trader’s lev­el analy­sis, the EA makes a screen­shot of the trad­ed sym­bol chart and places it to //files/Symbol() (where Sym­bol() is the trad­ing sym­bol name) with­in the inter­val of min­utes set by print para­me­ter. If print=0, chart screen­shots are dis­abled. File name for­mat — “sym­bol name month day hour minute index” (where index: “_0” — posi­tion open­ing; “_1” — posi­tion clos­ing).

Additional Parameters

  • trade — enable/disable the EA (“on” or “off” ).
  • slip — allowed slip­page when opening/closing a posi­tion (in points).
  • lot — basic posi­tion vol­ume.

Trade Levels free


The first and the final ref­er­ence lev­el points should be locat­ed with­in the past week (inside the ver­ti­cal red lines). The num­ber of hol­i­days between the past and the cur­rent weeks should be equal to two for the cor­rect cal­cu­la­tion of non-hor­i­zon­tal lev­els. This require­ment does not apply to hor­i­zon­tal lev­els (see the screen­shots and video).

Free Version Limitations

The EA works only on EURUSD with the min­i­mum pos­si­ble posi­tion size.

The num­ber of lev­els is lim­it­ed by two (see the table).

Trade Levels free 

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