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Welcome to Trajecta Elephant

Cre­ate your own trad­ing sig­nals as pow­er­ful as Tra­jec­ta Labs trad­ing signals:

The main idea of Tra­jec­ta Ele­phant is encap­su­lates the main tech­nolo­gies of the Tra­jec­ta Labs suc­cess­ful trad­ing sig­nals, so you can evolve with us and start now your per­son­al auto­mat­ic trad­ing sys­tems lab­o­ra­to­ry using our most suc­cess­ful lab­o­ra­to­ries evo­lu­tion­ary strate­gies and algorithms.

We have been work­ing hard to cre­ate such Expert Advi­sor, since it was nec­es­sary cre­ate a com­pact ver­sion of our com­plex lab­o­ra­to­ry. This is an evo­lu­tion of Tra­jec­ta Mon­sters series, that was based on emu­la­tors. Tra­jec­ta Ele­phant is based in real Tra­jec­ta Labs algo­rithms and strate­gies, i.e., the same tech­nol­o­gy devel­oped since 2007 and used in our main trad­ing signals.

Ver­sions (click ver­sion name link for more information):

  • Tra­jec­ta Ele­phant Brain: mul­ti-cur­ren­cy self adap­tive ver­sion with 4 set­up modes (1 to 10 from 10 symbols)
  • Tra­jec­ta Ele­phant: mul­ti-cur­ren­cy (1 to 5 from 10 symbols)
  • Tra­jec­ta Ele­phant Pair: pair trad­ing (1 to 2 from 10 symbols)
  • Tra­jec­ta Ele­phant Lite: just one cur­ren­cy (1 from 10 symbols)
  • Tra­jec­ta Ele­phant Teen: just one cur­ren­cy (1 from 10 sym­bols) for pro­file 3‑Aggressive and basic strat­e­gy 2‑RSI Trend Following
  • Tra­jec­ta Ele­phant Baby: just one cur­ren­cy (1 from 10 sym­bols) for pro­file 2‑Moderate and basic strat­e­gy 2‑RSI Trend Following
  • Tra­jec­ta Ele­phant MT4: just one cur­ren­cy (default) or mul­ti-cur­ren­cy for sig­nal copy mode
  • Tra­jec­ta Ele­phant Lite MT4: just one cur­ren­cy (1 from 10 sym­bols) or one cur­ren­cy for sig­nal copy mode

Proof of con­cept (more than backtesting):

Click here for a com­plete list of MT5 trad­ing sig­nals from Tra­jec­ta Labs.
(we do believe that a good devel­op­er and EA must have a proof of con­cept based on suc­cess­ful Trad­ing Signals)

Tra­jec­ta Pre­Vi­sion strat­e­gy tester algorithm:

This is the very same evo­lu­tive approach that we cre­at­ed and exe­cute since 2007 at Tra­jec­ta Labs, but with algo­rithms encap­su­lat­ed at Cus­tom­Max strat­e­gy tester option.

Fast exe­cu­tion of trades:

While Tra­jec­ta Labs trad­ing sig­nals uses pend­ing orders to reduce bro­ker slip­page, Tra­jec­ta Ele­phant was designed to real time exe­cu­tion of orders, detect­ing faster the best mar­ket momentum.

Expert Advi­sor Input Parameters:

Tra­jec­ta Ele­phant Brain is the most advanced self adap­tive ver­sion of the Elephants!

You just have to define the set­up of four sce­nar­ios of the Ele­phant (A‑Euphoria, B‑Gain, C‑Loss or D‑Panic) and the change man­age­ment set­up paramenters.

After that, you don’t need more adjust­ments, and you can use back­test­ing or Tra­je­ta SOS (our inno­v­a­tive Sig­nal Open Set­up) to define the Setup.

The main design idea of Tra­jec­ta Ele­phant is cre­ate a pow­er­ful set­up with a small num­ber of input para­me­ters, in a way that is very easy back­test and adjust the EA.

Any­way, as we must change sce­nar­ios, there are 4 + 12*4 = 52 Inputs to set­up (that is fast because you can use just Open Prices and Tra­jec­ta Pre­Vi­sion to Cus­tom Max).

Change Man­age­ment Set­up:

  • Sce­nario Change Gain Val­ue ($): define Gain Val­ue for change of sce­nario and set­up self adjustment
  • Sce­nario Change Even Val­ue ($): define Even Val­ue for change of sce­nario and set­up self adjustment
  • Sce­nario Change Loss Val­ue ($): define Loss Val­ue for change of sce­nario and set­up self adjustment
  • Sce­nario Change Time (Hours): define sam­ple time in hours to decide if it is time to sce­nario change

Self Sce­nario Change:

  • Sce­nario A — Eupho­ria: in this sce­nario the Ele­phant is very hap­py and must use a spe­cif­ic set­up to stay here.
  • Sce­nario B — Gain: in this sce­nario the Ele­phant is hap­py and must use a spe­cif­ic set­up to go to change to a very hap­py state.
  • Sce­nario C — Loss: in this sce­nario the Ele­phant is sad and must use a spe­cif­ic set­up to go to change to a hap­py or very hap­py state.
  • Sce­nario D — Pan­ic: in this sce­nario the Ele­phant is very sad and must use a spe­cif­ic set­up to go to change to any oth­er state.

Sce­nario Set­up (4 Sce­nar­ios from A to D):

  • Symbol1 to Symbol5: you can back­test and select a port­fo­lio of Sym­bols, the very same as Tra­jec­ta Labs do.
  • Scalper: adjust small sto­ploss and takeprofit.
  • Basic Strat­e­gy: 12 stan­dard white box strate­gies to backtest.
  • Advanced Strat­e­gy: sev­er­al black box advanced strate­gies to backtest.
  • Risk Pro­file: adjust your risk and mon­ey management.
  • Risk Strat­e­gy: sev­er­al black box risk strate­gies to backtest.
  • Start­ing Lot: adjust your start­ing lot (as you can’t do in trad­ing signals).
  • Max­i­mal Lot: adjust your max­i­mal lot (as you can’t do in trad­ing signals).

Fac­to­ry adjust­ment backtesting:

We strong­ly rec­om­mend cre­at­ing your own set­up (and trad­ing sig­nal) and opti­miza­tion, since fac­to­ry adjust­ment back­test­ing is just an example.

To a back­test­ing exam­ple based on fac­to­ry tests of Tra­jec­ta Ele­phant, after down­load and install, use the para­me­ters below.

  • Cus­tom Peri­od: 2014.01.01 to Today
  • Serv­er: MetaQuotes-Demo
  • Deposit: 10,000
  • Lever­age: 1:100
  • Exe­cu­tion: Open Prices Only — M15
  • Opti­miza­tion: Cus­tom Max
  • Total Trades: must be high­er than 100
  • Final Cus­tom­Max Score: must be high­er than 10
  • Prof­it Fac­tor: must be high­er than 2
  • Recov­ery Fac­tor: must be high­er than 2
  • Drawn­Down: must be low­er than 20%
  • Final Gain: must be high­er than 1K or 10%

Rel­e­vant warn­ing infor­ma­tion you must be aware before using the Tra­jec­ta Ele­phant in Real Accounts:

  • Warn­ing 1: nev­er start using an EA direct in Real Account, start with Demon­stra­tion Account.
  • Warn­ing 2: after you get the per­for­mance you want in Demon­stra­tion Account, you can start to test in Real Account.
  • Warn­ing 3: we strong­ly rec­om­mend start using this EA in Real Account with Start­ing Lot as low as 0.01 and Con­ser­v­a­tive Risk Profile.

More infor­ma­tion:

Please write a pri­vate mes­sage ask­ing for infor­ma­tion on opti­miza­tion and trad­ing on a live account.

Trajecta Elephant Brain 

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