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This is an easy to use trade copi­er with no exces­sive func­tions. The prod­uct per­forms direct and reverse copy­ing. In case of direct copy­ing, the util­i­ty man­ages Stop Loss and Take Prof­it of each order. It repeats mod­i­fi­ca­tions of mar­ket and lim­it orders placed on a mas­ter account. There is also the pos­si­bil­i­ty to copy in “one to many” and “many to one” modes.

Atten­tion! Demo Ver­sion. All trades on the receiv­er account are opened with the fixed lot equal to 1.0.

The full ver­sion of the prod­uct is avail­able at Trans­ac­tion Repeater

Launching the Copier

  1. Launch “demoExpert_Repeater_fixlot” on a provider’s account. The prod­uct works on any chart.
  2. Select Mas­ter mode. Select nec­es­sary para­me­ters.
  3. Launh “demoExpert_Repeater_fixlot” on a clien­t’s account. The prod­uct works on any chart.
  4. Select Slave or Slave_revers mode. File­Name should be sim­i­lar to the one in the script launched on a mas­ter account.
  5. If “many to one” copy­ing is per­formed, StMagik para­me­ter of each launched copy should be dif­fer­ent.


  1. Mode — script oper­a­tion mode:
    • Mas­ter — for a provider account; in this mode, the script trans­mits trades from the mas­ter account.
    • Slave — for a recip­i­ent account; in this mode, the script receives the data trans­mit­ted by the script from the mas­ter account.
    • Slave_revers — for a recip­i­ent account; in this mode, the script receives the data trans­mit­ted by the script from the mas­ter account and revers­es the trade’s direc­tion. In oth­er words, if BUY is opened on the mas­ter account, SELL is opened on the client one.
  2. File­Name — name of the file for exchang­ing data between the scripts.
  3. Sleep mls. — data file update/check peri­od in mil­lisec­onds.
  4. Coeff — lot copy­ing ratio. (para­me­ter closed)
  5. Use­FixLot — if “YES”, a val­ue from FixLot will be used (para­me­ter closed)
  6. FixLot - fixed lot size (para­me­ter closed)
  7. Only­Mar­ket — if “YES”, only mar­ket orders are copied. If “NO”, mar­ket and limit/stop orders are copied.
  8. allow­able time copy sec. — allow­able copy­ing time in sec­onds.
  9. StMagik — arbi­trary con­tent line to avoid con­fu­sion if sev­er­al script copies are launched.
  10. Lim­itE­quity — copy­ing is stopped if avail­able funds on a receiv­er account are less than the spec­i­fied val­ue. How­ev­er, open orders are simul­ta­ne­ous­ly closed with the ones on the mas­ter account.
  11. Post­Fix — use this para­me­ter if any post­fix­es are used in sym­bol names if the receiv­er account. For exam­ple, of on the provider’s account: “EURUSD”, on the receiv­er account: “EURUSD.m”, set this para­me­ter to “.m”

Transaction Repeater Demo 

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