Expert Advisor TransScalpel

Buy TransScalpel Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems

The Expert Advi­sor ana­lyzes tick micro-sig­nals and deter­mines the direc­tion to open a position.

Note: The EA can only be opti­mized and test­ed on all ticks!


Risk — cal­cu­lat­ed based on the deposit value
Peri­od­MA — time­frame of the mov­ing average
Peri­od­Body — can­dle­stick time­frame for analysis
index — 0 — ticks, 1 — bars (Peri­od­Body — cur­rent timeframe)
Momen­tum­Code — codes of can­dle­stick shapes from 0 to 64
Invert — sig­nal inversion
maLev­el — shift from the mov­ing aver­age in points
maPe­ri­od — MA period
maMethod — MA method
imaAp­plied­Price — apply­ing to MA price
Auto­Close — forced posi­tion clos­ing in case of an oppo­site signal
Peri­od­Trall — time­frame of trailing
Trail — trail­ing points
TP — take prof­it in points
SL — stop loss in points
TotalE­quityRisk — Lim­it of loss (0 — off) > 0 — as % of deposit
TotalE­quityProf­it — fix­ing prof­it (0 — off) > 0 — as % of deposit
Total­Prof­it — fix­ing prof­it (0 — off) > 0 — in $


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