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About the EA

Ultra­FX uses a mod­i­fied grid algo­rithm with a func­tion of syn­chro­nous hedg­ing of the main orders grid. When the mar­ket moves against the ini­tial posi­tion, the EA forms a grid at the same time open­ing oppo­site orders, which fol­low the trend and have fixed prof­it. This algo­rithm enables to sig­nif­i­cant­ly increase the EA’s prof­itabil­i­ty, decrease trad­ing draw­down, and cut mar­gin require­ments to deposit by means of open­ing oppo­site posi­tions.


  • Plat­form: MetaTrader4;
  • Cur­ren­cy pair: GBPUSD;
  • Time­frame: Ðœ1;
  • Quotes: 4, 5 dig­its;
  • Oper­at­ing hours: 24/7.

Input Parameters

  • Lot ” ini­tial lot of the first order;
  • Scale ” lot mul­ti­pli­er for sub­se­quent orders;
  • Step ” step of trades;
  • Take­Prof­it ” clos­ing orders per total prof­it;
  • Trail­ing ” trail­ing stop acti­va­tion;
  • Trail­Start ” trail­ing start;
  • Trail­Stop ” trail­ing step;
  • Equi­tySave ” equi­ty con­trol acti­va­tion;
  • Equi­tyRisk ” stop per equi­ty,%;
  • Slip­page ” allowed slip­page when an order is opened;
  • Mag­ic - mag­ic num­ber for long posi­tions (Buy);
  • _Magic ” mag­ic num­ber for short posi­tions (Sell).


  • Rec­om­mend­ed deposit: from $1000 ($10 for cent accounts);
  • Lot: 0,01 per 1000 units of base cur­ren­cy;
  • Two- or three­fold increase of the ini­tial lot is allowed when boost­ing deposit;
  • Don’t be greedy and draw out prof­it when deposit is dou­bled;

Below, I pro­vid­ed a video explain­ing the EA’s oper­a­tional prin­ci­ple and reports about var­i­ous trad­ing mod­els: from clas­sic one with a small risk to aggres­sive which is able to increase you deposit enor­mous­ly for a short peri­od of time. But remem­ber that hyper-prof­itable aggres­sive trad­ing involves a high risk and is rec­om­mend­ed to use only for ini­tial deposit boost­ing.

Wish­ing you great trad­ing and prof­it!


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