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An age-old ques­tion: “How to save earned prof­it?” You can use Par­tial Close (PC). PC is rec­om­mend­ed to make on resistance/support lev­els.

This EA main­tains any amount of orders per­form­ing PC for each of them. You can make sev­er­al PC for each order grad­u­al­ly clos­ing them.

The EA’s oper­a­tional vari­ables are locat­ed on the con­trol pan­el (val­ues in blue and pink cells can be changed):

- Trade is Stopped but­ton is locat­ed at the top of the pan­el. Mar­gin lev­el (“Lev­el”) is dis­played when it is in oper­a­tion mode. The EA turns off/on when you push the but­ton.

- Next goes a table of PC types (there are 6 types of PC):

PC Вид Номер. %
1 ТР 3 1
2 SL 2 1
3 Con­tact- 2 1
60 Close - 2 1
5 Con­tact+ 5 1
6 Close + 9 1

The first table col­umn shows PC num­ber, the sec­ond col­umn is a PC type, the third col­umn is an amount of PC of that type, the fourth rep­re­sents per­cent­age of clos­ing of an order lot.

PC per­cent­age is always cal­cu­lat­ed from an ini­tial order lot. For instance, when you open an order with a lot equal to 80 units and %PC=20%, clos­ing of a lot equal to 16 units will be hap­pen­ing every time.

% PC are always equal to 1 in the demo ver­sion

You can make 9 PC for each PC type, i.e. “Num.” <= 9. Num = 0 turns this PC type off.

Types of PC:

  1. ТР“. PC with Take Prof­it step (ТР). I.e. first PC will be on TP lev­el, then — on the lev­el of 2*TP, fur­ther — on the lev­el of 3*TP etc.
  2. SL”. PC with Stop Loss step (SL). I.e. first PC will be on SL lev­el, then — on the lev­el of 2*SL, fur­ther — on the lev­el of 3*SL etc.
  3. Con­tact -”. PC occurs when the price cross­es the bot­tom ver­tice of the Zig Zag.
  4. Close -”. PC occurs when the bar is closed low­er than the bot­tom ver­tice of the Zig Zag.
  5. Con­tact +”. PC occurs when the price cross­es the top ver­tice of the Zig Zag.
  6. Close +”. PC occurs when the bar is closed upper than the bot­tom ver­tice of the Zig Zag.

NB: claus­es 3–6 indi­cate terms for a Buy order, do vice ver­sa for a Sell order.

  • PC modes switch­ing but­ton: (PC “+” and “-” prof­it) or (PC only “+” prof­it).
  • Dist. PC” (in points) — if the order is closed per PC, the breakeven lev­el will not set until the price exceeds the “Dist.PC”+“WL PC” of the order open­ing price.
  • WL PC” (в пунктах) — (in points) — order breakeven lev­el (With­out Loss) after PC of the order.
  • Trail­ing stop (TS) modes but­ton: “TS after PC” or “TS inde­pen­det”.
  • TS” (в пунктах) — (in points) — trail­ing stop begins if the price is on the dis­tance of “TS”+“WL TS”.
  • Step TS” (in points) — step of the trail­ing stop. TS turns off if “TS”=0 or “Step TS”=0.
  • WL TS” — breakeven in case of trail­ing stop.

Zig Zag line:

  • TF zz” — time­frame of the Zig Zag. Set by enter­ing sym­bols as in the Meta­Trad­er: M1, M5, M15 etc. (you can use small let­ters or num­bers)
  • Depth zz” — Zig Zag depth. The greater the val­ue, the rar­er the Zig Zag will be.

Trading line:

  • up=1” — Buy orders main­te­nance is allowed. Pro­hib­it­ed when “up=0”.
  • dw=1” — same for Sell

Next cell says how many orders are main­tained by the EA: “Uses … orders”.

Magic line:

You can enter mag­ic val­ue at the right from the “Mag­ic” cell. If you enter 0, only man­u­al orders will be main­tained. If Magic=-1, orders with any mag­ic, i.e. all orders will be main­tained.

But you can man­u­al­ly select orders which need to be main­tained. To do this you shall place a “Tri­an­gle” on the main screen such that it cov­ers all select­ed orders. The word “Tri­an­gle” appears instead the word “Mag­ic” in the Tri­an­gle mode. In this case spec­i­fied mag­ic is not tak­en into account.

Orders main­tained by the EA are empha­sized by the PC Label on the screen. This label is locat­ed under the order. It can look as fol­lows:

^â€¢.34.X2 or ^23.11.23, and indi­cates amount and type of PCs made for that order.

^ — (arrow) a point­er to the order .

.” — (dot) a sep­a­ra­tor (for ease of read­ing of a line).

Two left num­bers indi­cate num­ber of order clos­ing accord­ing to TP and SL.

Two mid­dle num­bers are for “Con­tact -” and “Close -” PC types

Two right num­bers are for “Con­tact +” and “Close +”.

X” (cross) — this PC type is off.

E” (“End”) — all PC of this type are done.

External variables:

  • number_waves, Color_waves — num­ber of waves and Zig Zag col­or
  • Slip­page — slip­page
  • sdvig_label, clr_label — shift and col­or of PC Labels
  • Sound — sound onn/off
  • panel_dist_x, panel_dist_y — pan­el shift
  • Inf_RUS — Russian/Latin alpha­bet on the pan­el

Universal Partial Close Demo 

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