Expert Advisor USD TRADER MT4 FREE

Buy USD TRADER MT4 FREE Expert Advisor in the store selling algo trading systems

The main advan­tage of this Expert Advi­sor is giv­ing more space for chart details by sav­ing space nor­mal­ly occu­pied by the Tool­box.

This EA allows plac­ing and clos­ing order by drag and drop.

The prod­uct CANNOT be test­ed in the strat­e­gy tester. This free ver­sion which works on USD pairs and places only buy orders.

Yel­low col­or labels indi­cate Sell Orders. Aqua col­or labels indi­cate Buy orders.

Enter Lot size in textbox. To place an order, drag the label below 2 white par­al­lel lines. On the next tick the order will be placed on the cor­re­spond­ing pair.

After the order is placed, a new label appears below the white lines. It con­tains sym­bol name, lot size, type of order and float­ing prof­it. The float­ing prof­it is updat­ed every tick.

You can drag that label any­where below the white line as would be con­ve­nient for your.

Bal­ance, equi­ty and over­all float­ing prof­it is also updat­ed near the bot­tom of the chart.

To close an order, drag the label (show­ing float­ing prof­it) from below the white line to above it. The order will be closed on the next tick.

Abbre­vi­a­tions for the labels are: A‑AUD, N‑NZD, S‑CHF, C‑CAD, J‑JPY, G‑GBP, E‑EUR and U‑USD. For exam­ple, EU stands for EURUSD.


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