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Vates is a Latin word mean­ing a prophet.

Vates is a mul­ti­c­ur­ren­cy trend Expert Advi­sor that can run on any type real accounts, on any time­frame, with any ini­tial deposit, with a fixed or vary­ing lot size, with four and five-dig­it quotes, with bro­kers offer­ing dif­fer­ent order fill­ing types.

A dis­tinc­tive fea­ture of the EA is its sta­bil­i­ty and reli­a­bil­i­ty. The results of Expert Advi­sor test­ing in the Strat­e­gy Tester in four modes (two main modes “ nor­mal and with a delay, and two addi­tion­al modes “ all ticks and OHLC on M1), as well as its oper­a­tion on demo and live accounts are vir­tu­al­ly identical.

The EA should be test­ed and opti­mized in a nor­mal mode or with any delay, OHLC at M1, time­frame — any.

The Expert Advi­sor deter­mines the direc­tion of the trend, as well as over­sold or over­bought states of the mar­ket, and when it receives a sig­nal, it opens a buy or sell posi­tion. The posi­tion is then closed by a reverse sig­nal or by Stop Loss or Trailing.

The EA can open addi­tion­al orders in the direc­tion of the opened posi­tion with the same lot size. Addi­tion­al orders are opened only if the EA receives one more sig­nal to open a posi­tion in the same direc­tion after it has opened a posi­tion, and if the draw­down of the open posi­tion has exceed­ed the amount spec­i­fied in the Draw­down Per­cent parameter.

When pow­er is off, Inter­net con­nec­tion is lost, the com­put­er or the ter­mi­nal is restart­ed, as well as when you chang the input para­me­ters, the Expert Advi­sor checks open posi­tions for all pairs (with addi­tion­al orders or with­out them) and cor­rect­ly cal­cu­lates the orders and draw­down on them.

Expert Advisor Input Parameters

  • Mag­ic “ a unique mag­ic num­ber for iden­ti­fy­ing posi­tions opened by the EA.
  • Max. Spread “ max­i­mum allowed spread in points to open a position.
  • Slip­page “ allowed slip­page in points for mar­ket orders.r
  • Lot “ Fixed Lot or Lot Percent.
  • Fixed Lot “ the size of the fixed lot for open­ing a position.
  • Lot Per­cent “ lot size equal to a per­cent of the cur­rent bal­ance: lot = Bal­ance * Lot Per­cent / 100000.
  • Mode “ select Closed (posi­tions are opened and closed based on a closed bar) or Cur­rent (posi­tions are opened and closed based on the cur­rent value).
  • Applied Price “ chose one of the sev­en price types (Close, Open, High, Low, Medi­an, Typ­i­cal, Weighted).
  • X‑Factor, Y‑Factor, Z‑Factor — numer­i­cal val­ues ‹‹that define the EA oper­a­tion (for EA test­ing and opti­miza­tion in the Strat­e­gy Tester, the ini­tial and final val­ues, as well as the val­ue mod­i­fi­ca­tion step are spec­i­fied in the EA inputs).
  • Add Order “ num­ber of addi­tion­al orders for an open posi­tion (if 0, no addi­tion orders).
  • Draw­down Per­cent “ draw­down of an open posi­tion as a per­cent of the cur­rent bal­ance (active only if Add Order > 0).
  • Stop Loss “ Stop Loss in points (if 0, disabled).
  • Use Trail­ing “ false/true (if false, trail­ing is disabled).
  • Trail­ing Start “ the num­ber of prof­it points of an open posi­tion, reach­ing which the trail­ing is activated.
  • Trail­ing Stop “ in points (if trail­ing is on, Stop Loss = Price Bid “ Trail­ing Stop for Buy or Stop Loss = Price Ask + Trail­ing Stop for Sell).
  • Order Fill­ing Type “ select order fill­ing type to pre­vent the “Invalid Order Fill­ing Type” trad­ing error (if this error appears in the log, change the order fill­ing type).

Note: the val­ues of Max. Spread, Slip­page, Stop Loss, Trail­ing Start and Trail­ing Stop are spec­i­fied for 4‑digit quotes. No need to change the val­ues for 5‑digit quotes, they will be adjust­ed automatically.


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