Expert Advisor ViTrade

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ViT­rades Expert Advi­sor is based on the cus­tom indi­ca­tor ViTrend.

Entry points are deter­mined using val­ues of the ViT­rends indi­ca­tor. Posi­tions are closed when oppo­site sig­nals appear.

Input Para­me­ters

  • Peri­od Main — Peri­od Main input para­me­ter of the ViT­rends indicator;
  • Peri­od Sig­nal — Peri­od Sig­nal input para­me­ter of the ViT­rends indicator;
  • Reverse Sig­nal — change the sig­nals to reversed;
  • Fixed Lot — fixed lot value;
  • Vari­able Lot — vari­able lot as a per­cent­age of the free margin.

The screen­shots demon­strate the back­test­ing results. The back­test­ing was con­duct­ed for the peri­od from 2013.01.07 to 2013.10.26 on EURUSD and M30 time­frames using the “Every tick” option. The Expert Advi­sor was set to a fixed lot of 0.1, Peri­od Main was 5, Peri­od Sig­nal was 12 and Reverse Sig­nal was set to “true”.


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