Expert Advisor Wind rose

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Wind rose is a mul­ti­c­ur­ren­cy Expert Advi­sor. It trades the pairs con­sist­ing of the cur­ren­cies select­ed in the input para­me­ters. The trad­ing robot has only one open posi­tion at a time. The Expert Advi­sor opens a posi­tion for the sym­bol that is the most volatile at the moment. The robot applies two strate­gies — trend and flat one, switch­ing between them depend­ing on the para­me­ters received from all oth­er cur­ren­cy pairs.

Input Para­me­ters

  • EUR — use pairs with Euro;
  • GBP - use pairs with British pound;
  • AUD — use pairs with Aus­tralian dollar;
  • NZD — use pairs with New Zealand dollar;
  • USD — use pairs with US dollar;
  • CAD — use pairs with Cana­di­an dollar;
  • CHF — use pairs with Swiss franc;
  • JPY — use pairs with Japan­ese yen;
  • Time­frame — time­frame of the his­to­ry data used for analysis;
  • Peri­od - num­ber of the bars of his­tor­i­cal data used for analysis;
  • Stop Loss — loss fix­ing lev­el in points;
  • Take Prof­it — prof­it fix­ing lev­els in points;
  • Switch lev­el — val­ue of the key lev­el for trend/flat switch, select­ed from [0,1] range;
  • Fixed Lot — fixed lot value;
  • Vari­able Lot — vari­able lot as a per­cent­age of the free margin.

The screen­shots demon­strate the back­test­ing results. The test­ing has been sub­ject to MetaQuotes-Demo server’s trad­ing con­di­tions and per­formed on EURUSD M1, “Every tick” mode, from 01.01.2014 to 05.07.2014, default settings.

Wind rose 

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