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Method of trad­ing and tech­ni­cal analy­sis using an ana­lyst indi­ca­tor

In any mar­ket, whether it is stocks, min­er­als (met­als, raw mate­ri­als) or cur­ren­cy pairs, we see a trade win­dow with quotes (price) and trad­ing time. The most impor­tant thing for us is to learn to ana­lyze the mar­ket and find the entry points, observ­ing all the trad­ing rules, as well as to cal­cu­late trade exit points (prof­it) using only these data: price and time.

The Ana­lyst indi­ca­tor includes only the price and time data. Doing the math, and study­ing them on two prin­ci­ples, it com­pares the two results and deter­mines the mar­ket mood at cer­tain peri­ods.

The most impor­tant thing in this process was to prop­er­ly for­mu­late the analy­sis rules for the ana­lyt­i­cal struc­ture and the trad­ing part of the sys­tem. I’ll try to explain briefly how it works.

In real time we have the fol­low­ing:

1. When simul­ta­ne­ous­ly using two meth­ods for math­e­mat­ic cal­cu­la­tion of price move­ment over time, trad­ing zones of sev­er­al types appear, show­ing the mar­ket mood on a giv­en inter­val of time.

2. Based on the prin­ci­ple (nature), trad­ing zones are divid­ed into sev­er­al types, which we have tried to describe briefly and clear­ly for the trad­ing ter­mi­nal to under­stand them.

Buy areas are divid­ed into:

  • X areas (uncer­tain­ty and ris­ing);
  • fall down areas;
  • growth areas;
  • areas of sharp move­ments.

Sell areas are divid­ed into:

  • X areas (uncer­tain­ty and falling);
  • growth areas;
  • fall areas;
  • rever­sal areas.

Brief descrip­tion of these trade zones in real time great­ly helps to select right trades in future. On the chart, you can see that after ini­ti­a­tion of zones, they are all dif­fer­ent, “thick”, “thin”, “medi­um”, “high”, “low”, “wide”, “nar­row”. And each has its own rules, prin­ci­ples and moods. We only need to under­stand their moods, behav­ior and their oppor­tu­ni­ties, of course.

3. Our next task was to define the moods and oppor­tu­ni­ties of the zones with high prob­a­bil­i­ty by using a cer­tain math­e­mat­i­cal algo­rithm in the cal­cu­la­tions.

After exam­in­ing the prop­er­ties and set­ting in a cer­tain cal­cu­la­tion log­ic to study the “mood” of the pat­terns, we have man­aged to quite accu­rate­ly describe the mar­ket mood and pre­dict its move­ments. And now it real­ly will help you improve the qual­i­ty of your trad­ing.

Each of you can back­test all the sig­nals (they are not redrawn), and of all the rec­om­men­da­tions of the ana­lyst select only the ones you like the best.


  • Time­Frame “ time­frame. Pos­si­ble val­ues:
    • Y5 “ a five-year cycle;
    • Y3 “ a three-year cycle;
    • Y “ a year;
    • Q “ a quar­ter;
    • MN1 “ a month;
    • W1 “ a week;
    • D1 “ a day;
    • H4 “ 4 hours;
    • H1 “ 1 hour.
  • Draw lines descrip­tion “ com­ments to the zones. true — enabled, false — dis­abled.
  • Width “ the width of time­frame divid­ing lines, 0 “ do not show.
  • Style “ the style of time­frame divid­ing lines.
  • Col­or “ the col­or of time­frame divid­ing lines.
  • M1 Col­or “ col­or of growth zones.
  • M2 Col­or “ col­or of fall zones.
  • Ðœ1 under M4 descrip­tion “ a com­ment for Sell areas (you can add your own com­ment).
  • ÐœS1 under MS4 descrip­tion “ a com­ment for Buy areas (you can add your own com­ment).
  • Ðœ1 above M4 descrip­tion “ a com­ment for upper X areas (you can add your own com­ment).
  • ÐœS1 above MS4 descrip­tion “ a com­ment for upper X areas (you can add your own com­ment).

Pay spe­cial atten­tion to the high­er TF and absorp­tion zones.

Analyst 2015 

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